Prefect dresses for a summer honeymoon, well you need to have these for any honeymoon, as it gets hotter inside. 

Honeymoon Gini advise to have the below dress:

1. The lingerie is very present lately in the outfits  more elegant. The lace is a fabric that is no longer used only for underwear and now is also used for those crop -tops that favor both those with wasp waist as I say. I personally love it combined with a pair of pants or a high-top skirt since it stylizes the silhouette a lot.
2. The white dress . This is a basic that never goes out of fashion especially if it is in summer. Summer makes us have more color and that’s why light clothing favors us much more than in winter, it does not matter if it’s short or long, that depends for the occasion and where we’re going to go.
3. The cut-out design is that which combines pieces such as printed crop -tops with the trousers or fake of the same model, once put it is similar to a dress but they are really two pieces with the same pattern that are ideal for any occasion, We already saw them cause a trend last summer and this will also be one of the trends that take most.
4. The bare back is one of the trends that will be the star of summer. A bare back denotes elegance, class, style and above all audacity, that’s why garments, whether t-shirts or dresses with bare backs, can not be missing in your wardrobe this summer.
What do you think of these honeymoon dress trends? Get ready and pack your bags or alternatively let honeymoongini pick and pack the complete honeymoon box for you.