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Libra, Taurus, Scorpio and Capricorn are best in Sex

Taurus – the animal in bed

He is considered the best lover under the zodiac sign: the bull. Anyone lucky enough to have a bull by their side can rest assured that sex life never gets boring. The bull is affectionate during the sex and costs the lovemaking up to the last minute. In this zodiac, a quickie is more likely to be an extensive sex adventure. If you get involved with a bull, you have to prepare for sleepless nights.

Scorpio – a varied adventure

The zodiac also stands out in the subject of sex, and full of passion. The Scorpio is one of the most exciting lovers and radiates a lot of sex appeal. With this sexual aura, it’s really hard to say “no”. The scorpion is completely devoted to his passion and his fantasies. With the scorpion it is guaranteed not boring in bed. But beware – this star sign can be very dominant and expects the partner to completely surrender to him.

Libra – persevering lover

The Libra is a very sensual star sign and proves that especially during sex. With a fast number, the balance is not enough. The Libra want to spoil the partner, and indeed after line and thread. After a long prelude with deep and meaningful looks, the tender and devoted comedy follows. In doing so, one’s own longing is put to the backside – this star sign is very generous in terms of sex.

Capricorn – talk dirty to me

Capricorn is full of stamina and sex. He can only relax when his job is done. Capricorn is not the climax first – he wants to bring his partner to complete ecstasy. And like with some dirty talk. When Capricorn it can also get dirty in bed. For a bit SM, this star sign has absolutely nothing to object to. 

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