Do you want to surprise your sweetheart with a striptease? This is how your performance gets really hot!

The dream of men: women who dance striptease . Seductive looks, a sexy hip swing … ultra hot! Sure, strippers know how to get naked. But we lay people? Very few women dare to strip in front of their boyfriend in the bedroom, for example before sex. But: You don’t have to be a professional dancer to drive your sweetheart crazy with a hot dance. If you take these tips and tricks to heart, you are guaranteed to deliver a great performance.

Striptease: the outfit


First of all you have to think about what you want to wear for your performance! It is important that it is easy to take off and that the blouse does not have too many buttons. 

Above, you can basically wear anything that turns your partner on and in which you feel comfortable: business costume, summer dress, doctor’s coat – there are no limits to your imagination with the strip.

 Sure, you should wear sexy underwear underneath. Lace bra, push-up, hold-up stockings or classic suspenders … whatever you like and what suits you.

Striptease: the setting

You have the outfit and the music for the strip. Now the question remains: WHERE should it all go up? In the bedroom, in the living room, on the chair or on a bar? Do you want to put the strip down with or without equipment? You should think about all of this in advance – unless you are of the very spontaneous kind. Candles or a dimmed floor lamp create a romantic and seductive atmosphere. You may even have a lamp with a red light. The best thing to do is to sit your friend in a chair. After all, he should be comfortable during the performance.

Striptease: the show begins

Now it’s time to get down to business. Your striptease starts. Here you have different options to charm your sweetheart. Suggestion: Start undressing very slowly – from top to bottom. The perfect technique for beginners: First of all, just move to the music, just like you would in a club. Just keep in mind: It should be sexy! So bring your hips into play and look deep into his eyes – that generally turns men on.

When you’ve grooved yourself in, walk up to him slowly, turn your back to him, and take off your top, but keep it in your hand. Look back at him over your shoulder, then turn around and hold the top in front of your breasts so that he can’t see anything yet. Then confidently toss the shirt or blouse in front of his chest. Wow what a gig!

Go on. When you’re wearing a skirt, slide it down a little with each swing of your hip until you finally slide it all the way down. You can do the same with hot pants. Now it’s up to her stockings. Put one leg on your partner’s lap and pull the textile off your legs in front of his eyes. Now let him take action. Translated means: You can have the other stocking taken off. It will create some kind of explosion of pleasure in him!

Don’t forget: keep moving sexy every now and then! You can also lie down on the floor and stroke your body with your hands. In the next moment, you might lean over and let him admire your breasts, stretch your buttocks out towards him or sprinkle a few lap dance elements by repeatedly sitting on his lap. Try to bring some variety into your choreography!

Do you need more tips and tricks? In this video you can see some interesting moves that you can incorporate into your striptease:

Striptease: Get out of your underwear

So what now? You stand in front of him in lingerie and somehow have to manage to undress them as sexy as possible. Don’t panic, it’s not that difficult at all. Here are a few tips:

As you take off your bra, you can sit forward or backward on his lap. Before doing this, tie his hands together behind the chair – after all, touching is not (yet) allowed! Then toss him your bra and get ready for the showdown: the panties! It is best to stand sideways, one leg further forward than the other. Then move your hips as best you can and keep pushing the panties towards the floor until you can step out gallantly. You should also throw him the panties, because that will turn him on extremely. In the end, go to him and give him a passionate kiss.

And what comes after the striptease?

Congratulations, you put in a really good performance. Your loved one will be completely off their socks and would love to attack them right away. In fact, the night is still young and nobody says that after the striptease, love and togetherness have to end. On the contrary: the sex afterwards can get extremely hot.

By the way: If it calms you down: Even the goddesses of strip art have to practice for such an appearance. So train a little for your striptease. It’s best to record yourself and watch the video to capture what doesn’t look so good. But make it clear to yourself that it doesn’t have to be the perfect performance. Either way: for your sweetheart it will simply be unforgettable in every relationship – and you will be the sexiest dancer alive! And soon you can look forward to a striptease from your partner.