How often have you stopped yourself from buying a little black backless dress or a halter-neck top worrying that it might expose your bra-strap? Well, it is time for you to look into the endless varieties of bras that caters to every dressing style and need. Evolved in the nineteenth century, brassier/bras have since been an integral part of every women essentials. Bras not only provide shape to the bosoms and contour your overall body shape, but also aid to align the volume according to your wish. You should be very careful about picking up the right size and material whenever you shop for a bra because, a tighter bra may be uncomfortable to wear while a loose one might just sag your breasts. There are multitudes of options available when it comes to brassieres designed to fit any cup sizes, style, fashion, functionality, fabric, etc. This article explores popular types of bras that could provide solutions to much of your problems. Read on.

Different Types Of Bras

Padded Bra
Are you worried about your inadequate breast size? A padded bra is the answer to your woes. A padded bra is a regular bra with a pad or lining inside. It helps smaller breasts look fuller without any other ‘falsies’ like cotton or tissue paper. Padded bra, unlike the push-up bra, does not lift-up the breast.

Front Closure Bra
Front closure bras, as the name suggests, have closures in front, unlike the regular pattern with back closures. Thus, you can achieve completely flat back under cloths.

Adhesive Bra
Fed up with regular strapped bras? Looking for something different that could make you feel free? Here is the best option for you. Adhesive bras come without any bands or straps unlike the regular ones and are the perfect bet for backless dresses. You may go trendy with this type of bra, which is available in two forms: disposable paper type and reusable silicone type. However, it may not be a good choice if you are looking for support.

Minimizer Bra
Does your massive bosom make you conscious every time? Then minimizer bra is what you need. With efficient design that can play down the volume by compressing the breast without causing any shift in the shape, minimize bras make for a perfect choice for amply endowed women. Thus, your breast appears at least 1-2 cup size smaller than it really is.

Nursing Bra
Are you looking for a comfortable bra that can ease breast-feeding? Here is the solution for your problem! Nursing bra, as the name suggests, is designed to ease breast-feeding by allowing easy access to the nipple. It has fabric flaps on either side that covers the breast. These flaps can be easily unclasped at the top and pulled down so that the breast becomes exposed to the baby.

Push-Up Bra
If you want to be a little sexy, go for push-up bra, which is designed to lift the breasts and bring them closer to enhance the cleavage. Many of the push-up bras contain pads usually made of foam or rubber. Some bras contain gel-filled pads as well. The difference between simple padded bra and push-up bra is that in padded bra, the padding is even so that it enhances the volume, whereas in push-up bra the padding is focused under each breast to lift it up.

Racerback Bra
Racerback bra has shoulder straps that form a ‘V’ pattern over the shoulders. This can be worn under strapless dresses or tops where traditional straps are absolute unfit. This pattern is adopted by many sports bras.

Sport Bra
Do you feel embarrassed when your regular bra is unable to provide firm support to the bosoms during exercise or sporting? Get a sport bra that can help you out with this. It provides firm support for the bosoms and thus, eliminates all discomfort.

Strapless Bra
Fed up with the regular bras and looking for something trendy? Try out the strapless bra that could support your trendy spaghettis or halter neck tops.

Water Bra
This is a solution for those with small bosoms. Accessories with water or silicone gel filled cups, this bra make your breast look larger and fuller.

Mastectomy Bra
Don’t let mastectomy to push down your confidence. Get a mastectomy bra with a prosthesis that could replace your removed breast or breasts. Its elegant natural design gives a natural look.

Cupless Bra
As the name suggests, this bra does not have cups at all! The notched or contoured support cups are designed in such a way that it does support the breasts but does not cover them at all.

Bridal Bra/Corset
Who doesn’t want to look elegant and in-shape in the most important day of their life? Here is the bridal bra/corset that shapes your upper body in such a way that it fits the wedding dress. The peculiar designs distribute the weight of the bosoms through the corset so that you could be benefitted with good posture. Also, the strapless design makes it fit for any type of wedding gown.

You are now acquainted with various types of bras that could help you achieve better shape and also adjust the volume according to your needs. Pick up the one that suits your need and be confident.