If the kitchen is the heart of the home—or so the old idiom suggests—it’s only logical that you and your partner might find yourselves making…love therein (not a cooking pun, we swear). In fact, a recent British survey found that the kitchen was actually the second most popular locale for household humping—after the bedroom, of course

“The kitchen is your own science lab because most of the products in there can be used for sex”

The kitchen maintains a unique appeal: For starters, there’s an inherent element of danger. You’re surrounded by sharp objects, heavy pans, rough edges, and, for better or for worse, fire. It’s a high risk, high reward-type scenario.

Don’t be afraid of the fridge
Whether you go the rom-com route and dress your partner in fluffy swirls of whipped cream, or you lean more roughage-heavy and employ a cucumber as a dildo, your fridge likely contains plenty of ways to spice up your intercourse. Grab some ice cubes from the freezer and experiment with a bit of temperature play (or vice versa with just about anything warm you’ve got on hand—though, please avoid boiling water). Even consider rubbing up with some coconut oil.

Leverage the counter top
When it comes to mixing up your standardized sex positions, few things can be so handy as a good countertop. It provides new angles for oral, new surfaces to lean or bolster yourselves against, and new levels of approach. Taking turns going down on one another while one of you sits on the counter, then play around position-wise. See where you land. Try not to break any glassware.

Be spontaneous
Odds are, you’re spending a decent amount of time in the kitchen. Whether you’re cooking, pouring drinks, taking calls, or scrounging up the occasional treat, it’s a near impossible space to avoid in your day to day. So, whenever possible, allow your kitchen sex to feel of the moment. If you and your partner happen to be cooking, and you’re feeling particularly smitten, act on it. No need to retire to the bedroom when you’ve got the whole kitchen at your disposal. Just make sure no one else is planning on popping in for a snack.

Take (some) precautionary measures
Sure, the kitchen’s small selection of dangers can be enticing. But, however impromptu your sex may be, take care to move any brandished knives from the counter top to the sink, set aside fragile glassware, or turn off burners still flaming away. You want a spontaneous orgasm, not a spontaneous house fire.