Karezza – what is that?

Karezza, Slow Sex or even Koitus Reservates is a new sex trend many couples report having had the best sex of their lives. And without any orgasm? The answer is yes! Slow sex is exciting sex without climax. We are not talking about a prelude without a happy ending, but about sexual intercourse. Although the word Karezza was derived from the Italian carezza, which means caressing or caressing so much, it’s about much more.

Why is Karezza the best sex in the world?

During sex without orgasm, the sexual partners consciously abstain from reaching their climax, as this eliminates “working on”. The couple focuses on slow sex rather than focusing on the target (orgasm). Why should that be better than to come? Quite simple: Suppose we have the opportunity to test our dream car for a whole weekend – we do not want to exhaust every second instead of bringing the car after full throttle back to the dealership? And when we think about what makes us hot – is not it sex or hot sex games instead of orgasm? 

That makes slow sex without orgasm so special

Especially couples who have been dating for a long time, swear on this sex practice. It is not chased after the climax, but the goal to increase the desire of the partner. Above all, Karezza Paaren takes the pressure to bring the partner to orgasm. So in case of doubt we do not have to fake an orgasm and our lover will not be mad about our “buttons”. This time the way is the goal.

Karezza has to be trained

Karezza is not quite as simple as it sounds. After all, we trained for years to reach orgasm. Especially with the first few times, it may well be that we or our partner come to a climax, but over time, we will get that under control and feel the sex even more passionate and hotter than ever before. In addition, the special thing about slow sex is not to get an orgasm on cramps, but to enjoy the lovemaking more intense without having the climax as a goal. When it does happen, it’s not that wild.

What should we go to at Karezza?

Before sexual intercourse, Slow Sex offers a long and extensive foreplay to further increase your pleasure. If it then goes to the preserves, we should enjoy everything longer and more intense, such as the penetration or the first movements. The art is now to build the excitation curves and let it fade away at the right moment. The perfect position for slow sex should be one that we do not use so often, and where we can control the intensity. Missionary position and mastiff style are therefore rather taboo for the men.