Sarees can be the most conservative and sexiest dress as well. It all depends on the way it is worn. My opinion or prevalent opinion among Indian men is that any other dresses can be either only sexy or conservative. Sarees being a verstile dress accentuate the beauty of women in may ways and they look more beautiful and gorgeous than any other dresses. Sarees are really a turn on for men, if the waist curves and bellies especially when navel is visible get revealed.

Saree is traditional attire, it is sexy to the extent it can show navel button if desired, t-shirts is for gals and saree for women, that saree hides the undesirable fats at wrong places (like bums), etc etc.

A Saree is the one in which a man wants to see her lady, because it enhances her sexuality, and by implication, his desires.

Saree makes her beautiful and gorgeous. A hugging T-shirt leaves barely anything to imagination. And now Imagine a Saree. The collar bones and the cleavage are enticingly visible, apart from the navel button – if she wears it sexually. 

Some of pictures of girls in Saree, picked from internet.