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Increase your desire

Reduced desire for sex is more and more frustrating and frustrating women, because they find it harder for them to experience sexual arousal. However, there are several things you can do to increase your libido naturally.

  • Recall the last time. Spend yourself a few minutes of your time and in the head survive the moments of an exciting sexual encounter with your partner when you were on the seventh heaven. Think of the pleasure you have felt and create your desire to experience the same again. It will increase your sexual appetite.
  • Enter a sex appeal in your appearance. Throw out the wide tracksuits and blouses and wear something that you feel sexy. Even if you stand in front of the TV, be careful how you look. When you go out with your partner, get dressed so that he will not be able to remove your eyes from you. If you know that you look attractive, you will feel it, and you will know that you are desirable.
  • “Spice” work. Be spontaneous, do unexpected things and do not be afraid to try something new. Monotony is your enemy. Make something interesting:
    • Go to the hotel for the weekend.
    • Sleep bare.
    • Buy a red or black set of sexy lingerie.
    • Try new postures.
  • Do not skip foreplay. The absence of excitement kills libido, and there is no better way to increase the sexual excitement of prediction. Practice 10-15 minutes of foreplay before stepping on penetration. It’s a great opportunity to explore your partner’s erogenous zones and it stimulates your.
  • Feel the power of the massage. Let your partner show his massage skills. The massage will relax you and contribute to forgetting your worries, it will awaken your fantasies and senses. It will help you discover where you want to be touched.
  • Satisfy your senses. “Pamper” your senses because they have a direct impact on your libido. Listen to music you listened to when your desire for sex was high. Choose an aroma that makes you breathe deeply and sigh and buy essential oil or candles with that aroma. Watch a romantic movie that will stimulate your imagination. Tie your partner’s eyes so that he can focus on his senses.

Joint cooking will fuel your desire for greater intimacy

  • Try romantic cooking. Agree with your partner together to prepare your favorite meal or make some interesting dessert like a chocolate fund. Being close to each other in the kitchen will fuel your desire for greater intimacy. For thousands of couples acting, so it’s worth the effort.
  • Believe that food is a great aphrodisiac. There was always a relationship between food and sex. Food acts as an aphrodisiac if it stimulates the “love” senses of appearance, smell, taste and touch. Include in your evening meal a little dark chocolate, honey, avocado, almonds or figs. Eat seafood as oysters or season your dinner with basil and ginger.
  • Do not forget the vitamins. Insert enough vitamin C, vitamin B, vitamin E, zinc and magnesium. These vitamins and minerals are thought to have a positive effect on the desire for sex.
  • Cherish your health. Good health is a prerequisite for good sex. The most important tips anyone can give you to increase libido are: sleep enough, minimize stress, and exercise physical activity. If you do not feel good in your theo, then it will be hard for you to relax in the partner’s arms.

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