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How To Turn Her Into A Naughty Girl

Kinky Sex can be so much fun, but many women aren’t into it. Here’s how you can get your partner to LOVE kinky sex – and practically beg for it!

Relationships are not sustained by sex alone. However, having great sex with your girlfriend or wife is a giant plus. If your girl is not the most experienced in the bedroom or she isn’t very confident with her abilities to please you, you are probably wondering how your sex life can improve.

Women that have high inhibitions or get embarrassed easily can make for very boring lovers. If your girl isn’t willing to experiment as much as you would like to, there are a few things that you can do to bring out her nasty, naughty side.

Improve Your Emotional Relationship First

There are so many people who talk about sex advice without getting to the root cause of why the partner is not willing to experiment in the bedroom. The number one reason that your girlfriend or wife is not willing to get down and dirty with you is because she is probably feeling stressed or overwhelmed by the relationship. If you are having problem in the bedroom, you can bet that there is something wrong outside the bedroom.

Talk to your girl about what is going on and arrange for more time together if needed. Simply taking your girl out for a date night more often or picking up around the house can lead to better sex and better communication.

Find Out What She Likes

So many guys instantly want to do what they like in bed. Whether you have a thing for role playing or dominant behavior, remember that it’s not about you. A lot of guys assume that what they find is hot during sex is universal. If your girlfriend or wife is not very vocal during sex or does not initiate sex, they are probably submissive.

This isn’t always true so you will need to know what they like. You could be in for a surprise. Some girls are waiting for their guys to take control. If this is something that will get her hot, then all you have to do is ask. If she’s not vocal about what she likes then she could also be embarrassed by her fantasies. Ask her to share her fantasies with you so the both of your can work on having better sex.

Build Comfort

The comfort level between the two of you should be excellent. If your girlfriend or wife does not feel comfortable around you or in bed, she is not going to open up and become the nasty, naughty girl that you want. Try using trust building exercises or simply talk about what she finds hot. Letting her know that you’re not going to judge her based on her sexual fantasies is essential. If your relationship is just starting out, she will probably find it hard to trust you right from the start.

However, even a lifelong relationship such as a marriage is not devoid of potential embarrassment. Try sharing some of your fantasies with her in order to get her to open up. Discuss what she wants without judgment or embarrassment so she knows that she’s in good hands.

Don’t Give Up

Like a relationship, all sex lives take work. If you don’t get it right the first time, don’t get discouraged. There are a lot of couples who have to constantly work on intimacy,Sex and other aspects of their relationship. The only way that you will fail with turning your girl into the nasty, naughty girl of your dreams is to give up. You might be in for the long haul so gear up. If she gets embarrassed halfway through her fantasy, make it a point to not force her into anything. If she wants to stop, let her stop.

Use items

 Toys, games and costumes are all part of the fantasy. If you really want to turn your girl into the nasty, naughty girl of your dreams, you going to have to bring in some help every once in a while. Buy her a new vibrator or dildo. Put on a costume that you know she will like.

Do a little role playing. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you take it to the next level. You going to have to build the relationship up until she feels comfortable and turned on by the situations or positions that the two of you perform. Toys are the easiest way to get her there. Take a trip to the adult store and find something you both like.

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