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Honeymoon Tips for Men

While us males can get turned on at the drop of a hat, women react to a different and more intense stimulus. Assault those stimuli with these simple techniques:

Dont run through the drill. She likes foreplay way more than you do. We know you quickly want to jump into the main act. But still you need to start slow and gradually turn her on. Start by touching her gently on her arm, neck, thighs, belly, hair and face. Then slowly start progressing to the next level. The wait will kill her, and she will leap on you like a tigress when the right moment comes.

Give her a teaser of the things that will follow but most importantly, know when to stop. Tease her by moving your finger round her body, but dont do anything yet. She will beg you to go ahead, but dont do it. The longer you make her wait, the more aroused she gets. (But dont wait too long!)

The softer your kiss, the more passionate it will be. This will warm her up for you, and she will take you in as a lover, not as an organism who can give means to an end, if you know what we mean.

Surprise her by being unpredictable. Leave her guessing every move you are about to make. If you are gentle one moment, be unpredictable the next. Throw her onto the bed, take her top off, and then gently kiss her neck and chest. She loves doing the guesswork for you. If you get these basics right, she will already be half way into her orgasm and begging you to take her there as fast as you can.

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