Honeymoon Tips

Honeymoon foreplay Tips for Indians

Be gentle and remove her clothes slowly: Don’t be in a rush to open all her clothes in one go. Act as gentlemen and excite your wife by sensual touch and kisses with her clothes on (feel her skin from the clothes), and  remove one piece at a time . This will create sensual tension.

Lot of Kissing : Kissing with moist lips is important aspects of honeymoon sex/love making and you must know how to do it well. Make sure you don’t create too much saliva as that can be a real turn-off. ‘I like the lips to touch and then the tongue to go in; then tongue on tongue. I don’t like wide-open kisses and I don’t like small mouth kisses. I don’t like it with too much saliva – just some lip and then soft tongue, not a hard tongue,’ said porn star Savanna Samson.

Be bit naughty talk: Excite her brain by some dirty naughty talk.Love making is not just physical activity . The brain is an equally vital organ involved and dirty talk can really help heat things up. Saying things like, ‘I am going to make you scream with pleasure tonight’ will definitely add to the tension in the air.

Explore her body: Don’t restrict yourself to just a few spots that you have fetish for. Explore her body and genuinely try to make her feel happy. ‘I call my neck and ears ‘the forbidden zones,’ because when you lick them, I go crazy! I also like my lower back kissed. When someone did it for the first time, it drove me insane, even more than my neck and ears,’ said porn star Kira Kener.

Stimulate her breasts the right way: Breast stimulation is an important part of foreplay and is capable of even making her orgasm. Never grab them too hard, as they can be really sensitive to touch. Here are 5 tips by professional porn stars on doing it the right way.

Some things may work and some won’t. The phrase, ‘one man’s nectar is another man’s poison’ applies to sex too. Therefore, good communication is paramount.

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