The first time you rode a bicycle or drove a car, you weren’t your best at it, were you? You needed time and a bit of practice to perfect it.

And just like that, having sex too takes time and experience to master it.

Before having sex for the first time, most teens watch pornstars doing the deed to learn the moves and assume that’s what lovemaking should look like. But here’s a piece of advice, the sex you watch in porn movies isn’t normal, so don’t compare yourself to that and don’t try to reenact a porn movie in your bedroom the first time you try to have sex.

The best position to have first time sex

If you have no idea about how to have sex or about the different positions, you would definitely feel clumsy trying out moves that you’ve seen in the movies.

If you want to enjoy first time sex, stick to the basics and do the missionary. The missionary position is the one where one partner lies on their back, and the other partner lies down on top of them.

Not only is the missionary position easy, it’s also the best position for first time sex because both of you can control the movements of each other. Other positions may make one of you lose control and push harder or more forcefully than necessary. And more importantly, the missionary position ensures that both your faces are close to each other, which builds intimacy too.

First time sex can feel intense, or at other times, really lame and overhyped. If you want to make sure it’s an orgasmic success, use these 10 first time sex tips to master the art of seduction.

#1 Personal hygiene. Sex is an experience of the senses. If you’re having sex for the first time, make sure both of you are clean and trimmed all over. Bad odor has a way of ruining even the perfect setting, so pay particular attention to those places where the sun don’t shine.

#2 Foreplay matters. Spend a while playing with each other in bed. Penetrating too quickly before she’s wet may hurt the girl. And if the guy penetrates too soon, the over excitement may cause him to lose his erection.

#3 Communicate. Speak to each other as the guy penetrates. Communicating about pain or pleasure is always a good way to understand each other’s likes and dislikes in bed.

#4 Don’t be drunk. You may assume having a couple of drinks would ease the nerves. But it could also leave you drunk. And especially for the guy, having one drink too many may leave him with a limp member in bed.

#5 Relax. It’s alright to feel anxious about the first time. Take it slow, and let your passion and instincts guide the way.

#6 Use your fingers. Before penetrating for the first time, the guy should use a finger or two to play with the girl down there. It helps with lubrication and makes it easier to penetrate. The guy can also go down on the girl for a while to make sure she’s wet and prepared for penetration.

#7 Dress for sex.  First sex is special, ensure you get the right clothes to keep the mood and atmosphere magical and build sensual tension.

#8 If it hurts, try to be gentler. After penetrating for the first time, the guy should avoid moving too aggressively. When the guy enters the girl, just let the penetration sink in until both of you feel comfortable. If it’s painful or uncomfortable, stop moving your pelvis and distract each other by kissing or using your hands.

#9 Privacy and phone calls. This is the first time, so try to avoid all kinds of distractions. Switch off your cell phones. Take it easy, stay focused on each other, and learn each other’s likes and dislikes with each to and fro motion.

#10 Magical Atmosphere .  Wear sexy lingre, play soft seductive songs and light lights and candles. Honeymoon night is special , make it special by making it magical. Buy Honeymoon Gini love box.