Here are the six key elements based on the word SEDUCT part of game of seduction. Without further ado, let us begin at the beginning with the letter ‘S’:

A tight skirt that ends at the tops of your thighs and a top that barely covers your boobs is not seductive and means you will not be taken seriously. Dressing like a tart in public is more a sign of Surrender than seduction!

Your seduction begins on a date. The more public the location the more interesting the seduction becomes!

S – Seduction Is Serious

Think Sophisticated. A longish Skirt, figure hugging with a subtle Slit is ideal. Alternatively a skirt that unbuttons at the front. A smart blouse with a highish neck that also unbuttons at the front is ideal.

You can now control exactly how but much or little you wish to reveal by unfastening those buttons!

E – Elegant, Entertaining and Engaging

Let’s move on to E. The second letter. In the public place seduction scenario, be Elegant, Entertaining and Engaging. Be an Extrovert. Make sure that those around you admire how you look and behave. He is sure to notice the approval of others.

Remember your End game and work towards it. At some point you need to get him alone, Ensnare him with your charms and then complete your seduction in private! Gradual Exposure (remember those buttons) should do the trick!

D – Dressing Up, Décolletage and Derrieres

Our third letter D reminds me of the joys of Dressing up. f you want to surprise your man at home then you can dress up in lingerie or an erotic costume, perhaps to fulfill a fantasy of his or even act out a fantasy of your own.

U – Undressing and Underwear

Next up is ‘U’. A reminder You are the key player in the seduction drama. Also a remember that at some point you may wish to Undress a little (or a lot). Think about how to accomplish this elegantly. Make sure you wear some great Underwear and give some thought to what you might leave on for the final scene.

Consider hanging on to some chunky jewellery, for example a wide choker or an arm bangle can look very sexy. Also retain stockings and suspender belt to add some fizz to the final frame. Generally, being almost nude is far more erotic than not wearing a stitch!

C – Creative Caresses and Corsets

Moving on to ‘C’, this remind us to be Creative. Find out what turns him on. Be imaginative in what you wear and what you do. Do Caress him. Touch is a vital ingredient of seduction. In public, lay your hand on his arm or slip your arm through his when walking.

T – Temptation, Teasing and the Trench Coat

Finally ‘T’ is for Tease, a key element of any seduction feast. For example, if he’s seen your fabulous stockings in the restaurant and as a result wants to skip dessert and immediately get the check/bill and order the taxi home, make him wait a little.

Choose a yummy dessert and lick your lips suggestively while you slowly eat it. Then linger over a coffee and order a refill.

Don’t forget also to throw so much Temptation his way he is powerless to resist you. What about clothes? Why not see how he reacts to a silk Teddy? A style of lingerie often under rated.