Men are visually stimulated, what are you actively doing to stimulate your husband. I am not saying that you have to be a knockout. I am saying that confidence and a desire to show your husband all your curves and beauty is a starting point to create an amazing sexual connection. As a woman you have the peacock like feathers, embrace them and show your mate your sexuality and your sensuality, show him your soft girly side!

How do you do this… you are asking? In the morning while you are showering notice all the beauty your body has to offer. Notice the line of your neck, the softness of your breast, the ampleness of your booty and the beauty of your legs. Embrace your beauty in a positive healthy way. Do not allow yourself to go to a negative place as this closes off any sexual energy that is being drawn to you. Confidence is key here.

Another way we can visually stimulate our husband is to activate our sexual diva in the bedroom. I am talking about being able to tap into your seductive self. Do not turn off the lights and jump underneath the covers. Get some dim lighting so your husband can see all your beautiful curves as well as your being able to feel confident at the same time. Seduce your husband. As women we love foreplay.

Create ways all throughout the day to engage in small acts of foreplay. When you are in the bedroom embrace your inner sexual self and play with the act of sex. Sex is not just laying down and letting him slide his penis inside you.

Sex is a playful way for you to turn your man on as well as a time for him to pleasure you. When we are sexually confident, your marriage will flourish. Remember men are visually stimulated and he wants to see all of you…naked and confident. He will not notice the flaws you think you have, he will notice that fact that you are pleasing him with your nakedness and your ability and desire to seduce him.