“Deck of cards”

Take a pack of cards and agree on the meaning of each suit. For example, let the worms mean kisses, spikes – petting, baptizing – massage, diamonds – oral sex. The number on the map is the number of seconds to implement this kind of caress.

Just draw cards from the deck at random and take turns enjoying the game.

“Catalog of fantasies”

Take some headdress (better, of course, a baseball cap or hat, but a fur cap will come down), a pen, a few pieces of paper. Let each of you write on your leaflets your erotic fantasies that you have not had time or been too shy to share with your partner.

Fold the papers in a hat, mix. Get one at a time, read and try to realize these fantasies.

“Light as a feather”

Buy in the store for adults a big beautiful feather. Lie down on your back, close your eyes and ask your man to stroke your whole body with your feather: chest, shoulders, legs, stomach, neck, ankles, hips.

At first it will be ticklish, but your task is to make this feeling go away. This will happen when you can completely relax.

A great way of erotic meditation, which allows you to focus on feelings here and now.

Of course, sex bomb. Take a kitchen timer or use your smartphone’s alarm clock. Select a time interval, for example, about 20 minutes. And during this time, tease each other, caress, stroke, kiss. In general, do anything but direct penetration – until the signal rings.

Perfect for women who dream of a long prelude, but do not know how to make a man not be so hasty.

“Light is my mirror”

Oddly enough, a mirror for this game is not needed. Just sit across from each other. The one who plays the role of a mirror should just repeat his every movement after his partner: he runs his hands into his hair, kisses his neck, strokes his back and so on.

This game helps to tune in, focus on each other and with regular training will significantly increase your erotic compatibility.

“Dead Man’s Silence”

Take a scarf, honeymoongini blindfold or sleep mask. Bind your beloved eyes, start seducing him – slowly, inventively, without sudden movements. This game is also a good version of the prelude. In the absence of visual stimuli tactile sensations are exacerbated.

“Sex on the beach”

For this game, by the way, the beach is not needed. Take a large wide beach towel, bed it on the bed or on the carpet.

Use massage oil, and more: smear each other – legs, torso, chest, arms … Let it be a little untidy, but believe me: the abundance of this lubricant can greatly and pleasantly change tactile sensations.e


Take two dice and roll them one by one. Someone who has less points, removes some item of clothing.

The least fortunate of you will be the fastest. And the adrenaline that filled your bodies after such a gambling competition will make sex more vivid.


In general, all means for tying and tying are best kept in a bedside table. You can add there and handcuffs – better with fur.

Offer a lover to chain your legs and arms to the bed and let him be the main thing this night. You will see: your helplessness can be very exciting for both of you.