Do you have an invitation to a wedding this year? The big problem is trying to find the perfect wedding gift. Perhaps you don’t want to shop their department store gift registry because it was carelessly put together. Does anyone really need a full set of china dishes, blenders or electric grills? It’s like you’re just tossing your cash down a drain for a gift that hasn’t been well-thought out, and that will never be used.

The solution is to give a fun gift box that the couple can open up together in the privacy of their honeymoon suite. This box is full of fun surprises that are suitable for having a perfect honeymoon.

The items within this box have been designed to keep your romantic life fun, exciting, and new! And also safe, because your well-being and health is important too.

This box can help the loving couple explore all areas of romance and fun—even the ones that they’re too shy to buy themselves. After you select your gift you’ll want to add another for yourself. Because everyone’s love lives should be more exciting.

We don’t want to give the surprise completely away, but perhaps you’re curious about what is in the Honeymoongini Pleasure Box?

Each one of our love boxes contains lingerie to help you get in the mood. A silk sheet, rose petals and candles will help you create a relaxing setting in your bedroom or your honeymoon hotel room. There is also massage oil, which we’re certain you’ll figure out how to use. Once you start getting a bit frisky you can both play with the silk ties, blindfolds, and the handcuffs.

If you’ve never tried chocolate body paint before, you’re in for a treat! This is 100% edible and we’re certain you’ll be able to figure out the best application.

For shy couples who need some help, there are a couple of bed games and instructions to help you get started.

Once playtime is over, there are some honeymoon hygiene essentials to help you with cleanup.

The Honeymoongini Pleasure Box makes the perfect gift because it’s more personal and fun than buying them a toaster or vacuum cleaner.  Often brides and grooms feel disappointed after receiving small appliances for gifts. But the Honeymoongini Pleasure Box is something that both of them can enjoy.

If it’s you getting married, you may be searching for the perfect gift for your partner. Don’t get them boring household goods, buy them a fun and exciting box full of items that you can enjoy again and again.

Surprise gift boxes are promising to be the trend for 2018. Shop our  website that’s dedicated only to perfect wedding gifts.

We have three different Honeymoongini pleasure boxes that you can choose from. Now you can cross one item off your list for the upcoming wedding you’ve been invited to. Won’t the lucky couple be surprised when they open up the Honeymoongini Pleasure Box on their wedding night!