Influencer #EvaElfie has announced her intention to add whatever money she makes from OnlyFans over the next few days to the prize pool for The International 12 Dota 2 tournament, which takes place this weekend.

Eva mentioned that she had heard that TI12 had been somewhat disappointing so far, so is doing her bit to make it better for players and fans. For the pros, the winning team will be getting any money she makes from OnlyFans from today to the end of the tournament on Sunday. For the fans, she will be at the event cheering on the teams and trying to boost the atmosphere.

Eva Elfie Sexy

#Eva Elfie is a Russian adult film actress who gained prominence within the adult entertainment industry. Born on May 27, 2000, she began her career in 2018 and quickly rose to popularity, becoming one of the top searched adult #actresses on several platforms.

Physically, Eva Elfie is known for her petite and curvy figure, long blonde hair, and blue eyes. These features, combined with her performances, have garnered her a large following both within and outside of the adult entertainment community.

Throughout her career, she has worked with several major adult film companies and has been recognized with nominations and awards for her work.

Outside of her professional work, Eva is active on social media platforms where she interacts with her fans and shares snippets of her personal life.


Eva Elfie possesses a blend of innocence and sensuality that has captivated audiences. Her figure, described as curvaceous and petite, accentuates her youthful charm. With her fair, delicate skin, she stands as a true representation of the classic Russian beauty.

Her ample breasts, juxtaposed with a slender waist, give her an hourglass silhouette, which she often showcases in her work, drawing viewers into the depth of her sensuality. The light cascade of her blonde hair, which sometimes falls playfully over her face, only adds to her allure.

Her blue eyes are often emphasized as they radiate a mix of mischief and allure, often capturing the viewer’s attention and holding it with an almost hypnotic grip. Her lips, full and soft, often parted slightly, add to the seductive image she portrays.

The sensuality of Eva Elfie is undeniable. The way she presents herself on camera, combined with her physical attributes, has made her one of the most sought-after performers in the adult industry. She embodies a delicate balance of innocence and raw sensuality, making her scenes both tantalizing and memorable.