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Erogenous Zones as per your sign sign

Erogenous Zones

Astrological erogenous zones are determined first and foremost by the Mars sign, which shows not only how we express our sexual energy, but how we like to receive it from others.  Eros displays our relationship with spiritual sexuality, and the ways in which we connect with divine energy through sex. It’s also important to pay careful attention to the ascending sign, since it is this which rules the physical manifestation of the body itself. The sun sign also plays a small role in what we like, since our ego is intimately tied in to our sexuality.

Aries – Start your Arian lover off with a temple massage, using small gentle circles slowly pulling back toward their scalp ending by scratching lightly backward towards the base of the skull. Some people with Aries placement can enjoy light hair pulling, but be sure to spread your palm out along the surface of the head before grasping hair so that the experience is enjoyable and doesn’t damage their vibrant locks.

Taurus – Give the strong and steady sexual energy of your Taurean partner a jump start with a neck massage. Start at the outsides of the shoulders and slowly make your way inward using strong and steady pressure. Work your way up the neck towards the back of the ears. Grasping their ears between your thumb and forefingers lightly and stroking the ear lobes can also have a vastly positive effect.

Gemini – Tracing your fingers along their clavicles can help to focus your mercurial partner’s attentions to where you want them to go. Manipulating their hands carefully, or perhaps giving a hand massage can produce pleasurable sensations for Geminians. They tend to have an exaggerated sense of touch through their fingers, so perhaps guiding their hands along the curves of your body can prove a beneficial activity.

Cancer – The breasts of a Cancerian woman can be extra sensitive, and when handling them be sure to do so with intention and care. Lightly caressing them on the outside of the clothing before sliding your hand beneath the fabric gives a variety of tactile sensations. For the man with Cancer placement always remember that his nipples are hypersensitive. Treat them with care until you receive signals he’s ready for more rough attention. Start by lightly running your thumbs over them as part of a larger exploration of his pectoral muscles and stomach area. Lick over their tips before lightly biting at his side parallel to them just behind the pec.

Leo – Your Leonine partner is one that would benefit greatly from a back massage. To get your kitty really purring use strong and steady force along the top of the spine after working your way in from the shoulders. Leo carries the weight of the world on their shoulders, and so tender treatment of them is always greatly appreciated. Play with your Leo partner’s hair. Unlike Aries this placement is less likely to be into rougher activity in that area, but they love attention given to their luscious mane.

Virgo – Virgoans work tirelessly in service to others, so any time you give recognition back to them be very attentive. They may feel uncomfortable being the one that is served at first, but they will quickly open up, and are amongst the hottest burning signs in the bedroom once they’re comfortable with you and your sexuality. The area to pay attention to with Virgo is that of the lower stomach. Kiss their navel, and slowly massage and lick the area right above the pelvic zone every time before diving below.

Libra – The lower back of a Libran is forever causing them problems. They carry most of their stress here and as such a lower back massage is the perfect way to show your partner just how much you appreciate them. Use firm pressure and dig your thumbs in deep to produce effective results. The Dimples of Venus are the most sensitive part of this area so be sure to pay particular attention here. When you’re out in public with your Libra be sure to rest your hand on their lower back, and when you’re feeling especially turned on by this charming beauty give their buttocks a firm squeeze.

Scorpio – A Scorpion’s erogenous zone is the genitals, and while this may seem obvious for everyone it’s important to note that Scorpios enjoy vastly increased sensitivity in this area. For that reason they may guard their sex, since they seldom like to lose control and they know how receptive this area is to attention. That being said, it’s beneficial to not dive straight in. Play a teasing game with your lover by giving plenty of attention to the areas surrounding their organ, and not actually coming into contact. Once their internal flame is sufficiently stoked you won’t have to do much of the work after.

Sagittarius – Massaging, licking, sucking, and running your teeth over the inside of your Sagittarian’s thighs is the surest way to get them moaning. This is another sign that enjoys attention to their buttocks, and sliding your hand up their thigh while sitting next to them can send a message to exactly the right area of their brain. Because a Sagittarius’ butt and thighs are usually extra meaty you can feel free to be a bit firmer with these areas. Try gripping their hips forcefully, your playful and adventurous partner will understand you right away.

Capricorn – The Capricorn lover is another one with sensitivity in the skin surrounding the belly-button, and attention there is usually welcome. For as strange as it might seem, the skin behind the knee can also be extra receptive for these people and after light touches/kisses in this area your Capricorn might surprise you with their reaction.

Aquarius – Aquarian lovers benefit from focus on their legs. A calf massage starting from the ankle and slowly working upwards is a great way to engage their sexuality. These partners also tend to love sex standing up, or in various positions that engage their leg muscles. Your Aquarius companion can also get excited by experimentation and switching things up, so make sure you don’t consistently follow a cookbook with these people.

Pisces – The Piscean feet walk the path of spirituality, and thus are blessed with an enhanced sensitivity. Your Pisces lover may enjoy a sensual foot massage, starting from the heel and ankle then working slowly toward the toes. After a long day of work this is especially welcome, and indeed sex and sexual contact can be a great stress reliever. Soaking your lover’s feet before giving them attention can prove vastly beneficial. With this placement it’s important to remember that increased sensitivity can also lead to ticklishness, so be careful and firm lest you get kicked in the face.

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