Honeymoon Essentials Honeymoon Tips

Dresses for a quicky

A sundress with nothing underneath. Go for a quirky while she pulled up her dress.

With a t-shirt on and no bra. Frequently have sex with her keeping her t-shirt or camisole on, but being fully naked otherwise

A long skirt with no panties.

Skirt with thong, slide up, and side.

In winter keep top and socks on your body.

Thong panties and yoga pants – pull her yoga pants down to her knees and merely move the thong aside before taking her either in the pussy or the ass.

Long pajamas (a “union suit”) with the “trap door” for using the toilet.

Role-play “dress up” sex.

You can have quickies in places if she wears the above dresses which allow clothed sex.

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