The teacher/ student scenario is a classic that you can breathe new life into each and every time. The sheer volume of trashy school girl costumes available on the Internet indicate that this is a very popular role-play theme, so how can you bring this one to life in the comfort of your own home?



Female: plaid skirt or kilt, knee socks, white button-down shirt, a neck tie in coordinating colors, a coordinating cardigan, simple Mary Jane style shoes, fresh and clean under things like a white cotton bra and panty set, book bag, consider glasses, bubble gum

Male: twill pants in a dark color, collared shirt or button down in white, tie, dark shoes, white boxer briefs


Male: button-down shirt (plaid perhaps), corduroy sport jacket with elbow patches, trousers, tie, glasses

Female: pencil skirt, button-down shirt or blouse, stockings, pumps, lacy lingerie, string of pearls, glasses


Female: neat and clean if your student is relatively “innocent” – pig tails or a crisp pony tail, fresh, natural makeup, subtle lip gloss or go over-the-top if your student is a “bad girl” – heavy eyeliner, dark lipstick, over-styled hair
Male: decide if your student is a good boy or a bad boy – clean cut and clean-shaven for good boy, messy/styled hair and stubble for bad boy

Female: subtle makeup and red lips, elegant perfume, nicely manicured hands, hair in an up-do that can easily be let down
Male: some stubble or facial hair, consider Old Spice cologne


How have teacher and student ended up alone together? Is your student the only student in detention that day? Did the student stay after class to clean the black board brushes? Find a space in your home that you can easily transform into an imaginary classroom. Some great possibilities include an office with a desk, or a dining room with a large table. With a little imagination, these rooms can become the teacher’s office or the school library.

Decide who is going to seduce whom before creating this scenario. Teacher/student role-play is hot no matter who initiates, and the power play can go back and forth. Regardless of who is taking the lead, decide that this is the first sexual encounter between these two characters. This will guarantee maximum sexual tension.

Some Suggestions:

Consider how each of your characters feels about the scenario. Is your student happy or annoyed to be in class/ at school after hours? Does your teacher feel annoyed at having to stay with a student, or are they eager for the opportunity?

The student can play oblivious to the teacher’s advances at first, forcing the teacher to be truly brazen in their seduction. This works well too if the teacher feigns ignorance in the face of the student’s come-on.

If you are the female student, consider sitting at your ‘desk’ with your knees apart just far enough to let your teacher catch a glimpse up your skirt, and act as though you have no idea you’re flashing teach (or act like you know exactly what you’re doing if it suits your character).

As teacher, if this is a detention scenario, think of some clever punishments for your naughty student. Perhaps they have to dust and polish your desk while you’re sitting at it. Maybe they will have to shine your shoes, or spend some time on their knees filing some papers for you. You might be an old school disciplinarian and decide to hand out some corporal punishment by way of a sound spanking. See the props list below for some more inspiration.

The student may have some embarrassing/compromising contraband in their school bag that their teacher discovers and makes them use either solo or together for both to enjoy.