Even if you’re not in the morning, let alone making love, this article is for you! You will discover more than one reason for having sex when you wake up. In addition to the many health benefits that such a report presents, be aware that a study conducted by Queen’s University shows that early sex delays aging and revives youth.


The morning sex makes you more beautiful / Young

After an orgasm, we find that the skin is more radiant and more beautiful. Experts say that morning sex increases estrogen levels, which makes the dermis shiny and soft. As a result, you look cooler / fresh and younger. This “beauty supplement” is also visible to your hair and nails: try to make love early in the morning and you will find that it is true.

In addition, sex generates oxytocin, a hormone that makes you happy while reducing stress. To wake up on the right foot, nothing better than to take one’s foot.

More pleasure !

If morning sex is good for beautifying the skin and delaying aging, it’s also great for a good start to the day. In the morning, men have high levels of testosterone (it goes down during the day) and their erection is harder and longer lasting.

More energy!

Sex is a physical activity in which you burn a lot of calories, while releasing endorphin, one of the hormones of well-being. By making love in the morning, you wake up your metabolism and you activate much faster. The energy you draw from it is more sustainable and supports you throughout the day. Try it out: one morning with and one morning without sex, and compare your energy levels.

More self-confidence!

Experts believe that morning sex is a shock therapy to overcome complex, break free from the stress of the day ahead and be more confident. Our morning thoughts are decisive for the future: in making love, you avoid negative thoughts and you feel especially pleasure.

The other benefits of morning sex

Increased antibodies and therefore natural defenses against viruses and infections

Improved blood circulation and reduced blood pressure, which is beneficial for the heart.

For men: increased testosterone levels strengthen the bones, ideal to prevent their aging or diseases such as osteoporosis.For women: early sex reduces the risk of contracting endometriosis.