Honeymoon Tips

Costumes to ignite passion in your bedroom.

If you’re looking for ways to make your special night a little spicier, then I’d seriously consider giving costumes to try in the bedroom a chance! It’s an easy and sexy way to break up your lovemaking routine, and pretending to be a hot teacher, cheerleader or nurse is definitely the way to do it!


A nurse costume is by far one of the sexiest costumes to try in the bedroom. Nurses are typically known for their nurturing nature.


Men are always so fascinated by the fantasy of having relations with a maid. It gives them a sense of authority, which they love. It’s also a big turn on because it can seem like an adventure because you run the risk of getting “caught.”

Wearing a schoolgirl costume is definitely something that will get your guy’s attention.

This is another one of those control and authority fantasies. Men love that these tough policewomen have power, and they’d love to see her let her hair down and be comfortable with them, and them only.


Ah, cheerleaders. The girls on top of the popularity chain in the high school scene. Most guys are attracted to cheerleaders because of those short, short skirts, their super flexibility and their peppiness about everything.

Nothing is hotter than being rescued by a sexy superhero! But don’t stop there, why not show your guy your super powers under the sheets, too.





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