1. You’re like sunshine when it’s raining in my life.

2. Your one smile can make my day.

3. *Color name* looks perfect on you, like it’s made for you.

4. That is such a great choice. It was waiting to be yours, I’m glad you got that dress/top/one-piece.

Well you should know what it is, don’t ruin the compliment.

5. I can hold your hand for the rest of my life only to make sure I don’t lose you.

6. You will always be my sunshine (use your sweet names) even as we age and gray.

7. My only wish in life is to make you laugh everytime.

Yet nothing is beautiful than you but when you smile like that looking at me, I swear my world stops.

8. No not at all, who says you’re fat; you can’t be any better than what you are already.

9. You are like a gelato with irregular chips of white and dark chocolate ice cream to me (add her favorite ice cream’s name). With sprinkles.

10. My heart melts when it sees your cute smile. Oh look, it started again.

11. The only thing I am waiting for is to spend the rest of my life with you.

12. I don’t want any other dream, you’ve already come true.

13. Don’t be sad, you are someone’s reason to smile .

14. I could hold your hands forever and still say loud I haven’t had enough of you.

15. You are my candle in darkness.

16. *Name of a song* reminds me of you.17. I love you the most when you’re not afraid to be yourself.

18. When I want to be with someone or share something, you’re my favorite person.

19. Think about those people who really care for you. You’re a gift to those around you.

20. Life isn’t perfect but if you are with me, “perfect” would be a small word to define my life.

21. Someone looked pretty today.

The best part of this compliment is you can send it to more than one person.

22. I never believed in soulmates but after meeting you, I do.

23. My entire day’s highlight is the time I spent with you.

24. My knees feel weak with a rose when I touch you.

Make it special.

25. Will you spend the rest of your life with me while I am trying to make you happier day by day?

Make it more special.

26. You are truly an amazing dancer.

Beware! Don’t say this if you can’t dance, or someone else will.

27. I love it when we fight over goodnight at 3 am but still can’t hang up the phone.

28. My morning begins thinking about you and my day ends with you in my dreams.

29. Everytime I look at your eyes, it brightens up my day.

30. When I see you sad, it hurts every piece of my heart.

31. I had a dream last night. Our kids were there, learning to walk on the beach.

33. I don’t know how but when I am with you, you make my time fly and pause all at once.

34. I am not thankful to anything but for having you in my life.

35. When you’re not with me, I think of you and talk about you with my pillow before I fall asleep.

But don’t try this if she doesn’t like childish talks.

36. Any person would be lucky to have you, but God chose me to be the luckiest.

37. When I am with you, my jaws hurt. That’s how happy I am.

38. You know who you are, don’t care about what they think.

39. Whenever I say goodbye after meeting you, it becomes harder to walk away from you again.

40. It’s the best how we sort out our issues together. It brings me even closer to you.

41. Don’t give up. If you want to do it, I won’t let anything stand in your way.

42. When we are together, it doesn’t make a difference where I’m going. With you, it’s always great.

43. You always asked why I kept looking at you. It’s because of your eyes; I can look at them until my last breath.

44. You were the missing piece of my life’s puzzle, you complete me.

45. My life means nothing if there’s no “you”.

Find the right time to say this.

46. I can’t imagine my life without you in it.

47. You look so beautiful all the time; please give other girls a chance some time.

48. You look the cutest when you smile.

49. I can never stay mad at you, your love is incompetent.

50. You can read my mind anytime; you’re the only one who understands me so well.

51. I‘d never want you to change. I love you the way you are.

52. I find myself lost in your eyes everytime; they’re so beautiful it’s hard to get out of them.

53. I love it when you try to make me a better person.

54. Those eyes are a gateway to heaven anyone would die for.

55. I trust you to a level that I can talk about anything and everything with you.

56. Nothing matters as long as you’re holding my hand.

57. You’re my life, you complete me and there’s no one who can replace us.

58. My sadness fades away when my eyes see your spectacular smile.

59. You don’t like *add something she doesn’t like* about yourself but it doesn’t matter to me, you will still remain that special to me for the rest of my life.

60. It doesn’t matter even if there are no stars in the sky. Your beautiful eyes are enough to light up the darkness near me.

61. I am the luckiest guy in this world to have you in my life.

62. I don’t have any reason but you’re very special to me.

63. Can’t wait to see you.

64. Your taste in music/movies/art is tremendous. How can you be better than me in everything!

65. God didn’t write our names together, he made us only for each other.

66. The way you handled it was great, you’re an inspiration to others.

67. When we are together, I want the time to pause but it doesn’t. It’s because one day, the time will pass and we’ll be with each other for the rest of our lives.

68. I wish I could have met you X years ago; we would be celebrating our X years’ anniversary.

69. The secret behind your beauty is that your heart’s beautiful from the inside.

70. For me, being with you anywhere makes everything better.

71. Even dark colors seem intense when they’re with you.

72. I never hoped to meet someone as caring and nice as you.

73. I will never be able to explain how much you mean to me even if I tried.

74. How were you looking today? Come on, you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met.

75. I love it how your hand feels when I run my hands over it.

76. Your hair looks amazing.

A short and sweet compliment that just works.

77. You are everything a man would die for but too bad for them, God made me for you.

78. You have always been there for me. You’ve always motivated me and given the best advice.

79. It doesn’t matter how many times I thank you for being there, it’s never going to be enough. So thank you again, again and thanks again.

80. Great, I don’t know what to say.