Skirts are perfect for honeymoon, they are comfortable and looks great. If required, they let you to make it hot by giving a glimpse to your sexy side. Today we are going to talk about how to choose our ideal skirt.


Straight skirt : is the skirt that has the same width from the hips to the bottom. It is ideal for all types of bodies, and they combine perfectly with almost everything if you use it in black or gray tones.

Skirt type A : it is the skirt that has more volume in the part of down that in the waist. It greatly favors women with a lot of chest, and also those girls who want to hide their hips or thighs.

Tube skirt: The tube skirt is similar to the straight skirt, but the bottom part is a little (very little) narrower than the waist. It is ideal for women who have curves and girls with body athletes, who have a rectangular body. It does not favor girls who have thick legs because they focus more attention on them.

Skirt pleated or pleated : has folds that go from the waist to the bottom. The vertical lines that it presents help to stylize and lengthen the figure, but we must watch because it can give us an unwanted volume.

Balloon skirt : the balloon skirt is a simple skirt bulging outwards. It is very good for skinny girls without hips.

Miniskirt : it is a very short skirt and is usually above the thigh. It looks great to the short girls.



For short girls who want to look taller the ideal is to choose short skirts, that do not exceed the knees, and use heels to be taller and stylize the legs. The ideal ones are flesh-colored or nude heels so that the legs look longer. If you choose skirts a little longer, it is best to reach the height of the knees.


Tall girls can choose the skirt that they like, either below the knees or above. Of course, using a very short skirt can give a feeling of being even higher.


For girls who want to hide their wide hips, it is better to look for loose and wide skirts to look thinner. The best are skirts in dark tones, without many large designs, seams or pockets. I said, if what you want is to hide your hips, avoid tight skirts and miniskirts.


If you want to give more volume to your hips, use skirts with balloon or pleated volume. Above all, avoid tight models and dark colors, to prevent your hips from looking even narrower.

What do you think about these tips?