Senual tension can be exciting and sexy, and oh-so-much-fun as long as you know the rules. Find out how to build sexual tension with someone you like using these tips.

Sexual tension is a sexy thing.

It can make you feel good about yourself, can make life so much more exciting and can give you something to look forward to everyday.

Sexual tension is that fuzzy, sexual feeling that two people who are interested in each other feel when they’re in close proximity with each other.

#1 Sneaky eye contact . Make eye contact often with your wife/husband. But don’t be obvious about it. Do make it obvious.Even if you get caught looking, just smile at your partner and look away in a second. When you make someone wonder if you were actually looking at them, you’re making them think of you and what you thinking in your mind.

#2 Talk naughty. Talk naughty, but don’t get dirty. Whenever the opportunity arises, talk about something funny and yet sexy. If you can see a bit of her cleavage, look straight at it and look away in an obvious manner. She may immediately cover it up, but she’d know you noticed it. You can talk naughty or just use your gestures, as long as you get naughty with her.

#3 Compliment with a hint of sex. Does she look particularly good today? Compliment her and talk about how good her curves look.

#4 Lingering touches. Are you trying to point something out on her phone? Let your arm graze against hers for a few seconds while you’re at it. Are you crossing the street with her? Place your hand on her back. Look for opportunities to exchange lingering touches with her. It’s the easiest way to make her feel the tingle of sexual tension without ever making it obvious.