It is the bathroom that wins all the votes. “It’s always a good idea to experiment with bathroom sex. This space offers so many possibilities for exploration and alternative sensual stimulation. Be creative. Make love standing up. Make love in the shower, on the sink, in the tub, ” says Daniel Sher.

The couples saw their heart rate soar to 121 beats per minute, a 73% increase. It is also this piece that they rated the best, giving it 8.5 out of 10.

In second place, we find the balcony, which is not a “room” strictly speaking, but which seems to have seduced the participants. On display for all to see, the couples felt their hearts beat faster, with heart rates increasing by 66%.

Next is the closet or laundry room (64%), followed closely by the dining room (60%), the kitchen (56%) and the

bedroom Comes last (54%). Make a Change today.