Getting dressed can become a whole lot easier if you know what pieces work best on your body type. In case you’re not familiar with them, there are actually four kinds of figure:  the pear,  the ruler, the hourglass and the apple shape.

Knowing which figure you fall in to can help you find the most flattering outfits. Once you’ve identified the kind of body shape you have,   use these secrets to your advantage:

1. The Pear Shape. If you tend to gain weight around the middle, clothes should fit loosely around the midsection. Here are some of the sartorial pieces that work best on your body:

  • Opt for tunics because they have a relaxed cut that glides over the stomach.
  • Slim-cut pants look good on you as they can create an illusion of slim legs.
  • Try empire-waist-cut garments. They have a waistline that rest just below the bust, which can conceal the stomach.
  • Because pear-shaped bodies tend to be heavy in the mid-section, focus on the top part to balance your look so you can show off your fabulous shoulders and bust.

2. The Ruler. While this type of body shape  is enviable to  some,  the downside to this is that  it can tend to look a little boyish. If this is an issue to you, your styling aim is to create a curvy silhouette that shows off enough amount of your nice figure. So here’s what you can do:

  • Go for belted jackets that flare out from the waist down. Try soft and flowy dresses that sways every time you walk to add elegance to your look.  Just make sure that  they’re fitted at the waist to give you a curvy silhouette.
  • Wear accessories around the neck to feminize your shape as well.

3. The Hourglass. If you have this figure, lucky you! You have a well-defined waist with the bust and hips in approximately the same width. In short, you have a curvy figure that many of us envy. To make you look more flattering, here’s what you can do:

  • Look for tailored tops or shirts that are fitted at the waistline. The tops’ length should fall just below your hip bone, and the sleeves should stop at the elbow to draw attention to your waist.
  • wrap-around dress with a scoop neckline is extra fabulous on you, so you might want to consider that as well.
  • As for jackets, try those that are single breasted. Jackets that are belted at the waist and flared out can highlight your assets.
  • Flowy, monochromatic and tailored fabrics are always best for your body type. Just avoid wearing something baggy because it can make you look frumpy.

4. The Apple Shape. If you possess this kind of figure, your clothing aim is to lengthen out the relatively heavy torso to minimize its size and to draw the attention to your slim legs and arms. Here are the easiest clothing rules to follow:

  • Go for a V or scoop neckline to help elongate your neck.
  • The length of the top should be enough to cover the lumpy part. Wear embellishments on your sleeves and wrist to draw  attention away from your tummy.
  • For bottoms, trousers and skirts with no pleats are best. Bootleg jeans can show off your beautiful legs, too.
  • Tunic dresses, wrap-around dresses or empire-cut dresses can look flattering on you. . However, avoid double-breasted jackets. Instead, wear a belted trench coat that is slightly flared from the waist to balance your figure.