Have you ever seen a girl and for a few minutes you can’t stop looking at her? It’s like you are memorized and have to take in everything about her. What she is wearing, her hair, her makeup, and even her mannerisms. And then you notice that all the guys can’t stop looking at her either. 

The thing is about these girls, is that they do not know the effect they have on the people around them. The ones that think all the eyes should be on them are usually the ones that you can’t wait to get your eyes off them. Are we right? Confidence is definitely an attractive quality but arrogance is not. That is our first tip 🙂

We have been watching the popular Insta Influencers and reading all the fashion and style magazines to bring you the top tips for becoming the girl that turns heads wherever they go. If you prefer to be watching from the sidelines then the tips in this blog are still good advice to bring out the best of you, but just for you. 

It does not matter whether you are skinnier than average, larger than average, tall, small or blonde or brunette, the most important advice we can give you is to be happy in your skin. If you are not then this will come across to the people around you. If you want to change your weight, hair color or pop on a pair of heels then do that but make sure you are doing it because it is how you feel you want to look like. 

In almost all cases, less is definitely more. How many of the women that catch your eye — and hold it — are overdressed, wearing too much makeup or have a huge amount of unsightly flesh on display? I bet the answer is none. Our research showed that both men and women are more attracted to a natural look. Now, we all know that natural still includes tinted moisturizer, some highlights & padded bra but hey they are subtle enhancements, right?

Flash your flesh with denim cut-offs and a shirt with a few buttons undone. A deep red lippy looks amazing with the right skin tone. Costume jewelry can really lift an outfit. Standing out in a crowd is not always about being the loudest and proudest, it is often about knowing what your body looks good in. Knowing your style and what suits your personality will make you one of the best dressed in the room because you know what works for you. 

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