The babydoll remains a must-have garment for anyone that loves their lingerie. Suitable for everything from seduction to sleeping, babydoll’s are the perfect addition to your lingerie collection, offering something that is comfortable yet still sexy. It is also suitable for virtually any body and with so many gorgeous garments available, it is easy to find the perfect babydoll for your needs.

Boasting a versatile design that caters to all body types, this naughty negligee has a storied history dating back decades, and while improvements have been made over the years, the core concept of the babydoll remains mostly unchanged.

This highlights just how timeless the babydoll is. Made from lightweight fabrics, the sleeveless nightgown is typically short in length and loose-fitting – a result of the lack of fabrics available during World War II when it was first manufactured.

Why we love the women’s babydoll

Perhaps the best reason we love babydoll’s is their versatility. Simply put, you won’t find much lingerie that is both comfortable and sexy. As a nightgown, the loose-fitting form, short length, and lack of sleeves offers ample comfort for those hotter nights.

Of course, as a negligee it remains a seductive garment that can be used to set the perfect mood for a night of love and romance. Whether you want to seduce your partner, celebrate a special occasion in style, or just feel sexy for yourself, a babydoll ticks all the boxes.

With various fabrics used, babydoll’s take on various styles. For example, bridal babydolls are soft and sensual while maintaining that seductive edge, making it ideal for post-wedding celebrations. There are styles that focus more so on comfort, these being great for sleepwear, and most are simply beautiful when worn, offering an elegant and luxurious feel that you expect from sexy lingerie.

Additionally, the babydoll is suitable for any body shape. No matter your weight, height, or build, a babydoll will accentuate your body in all the right ways. There are styles for highlighting certain areas while concealing others, making it possible to find a garment that fits you perfectly while leaving you looking gorgeous.