An aphrodisiac is a means of awakening or enhancing the sensation of pleasure. The term aphrodisiac comes from the Greek and goes back to the goddess Aphrodite, the goddess of love, beauty and sensual desire. At the Aphrodisia festival celebrated for them in antiquity, stimulating intoxicants, the so-called aphrodisiacs, were also taken. Accordingly, these libido-enhancing agents have been around for several thousand years.

This is how aphrodisiacs work

An aphrodisiac should serve to increase sexual functions, stimulate the senses and desire. This can be achieved by means of animal, mineral or vegetable origin. In the form of fragrances, as massage oils or in dishes, aphrodisiacs have an effect and can make men and women more receptive to erotic stimuli. So you can either put yourself and your partner in the mood, as supposedly increase your own sexual attractiveness for the previously unattainable object of your desire. Aphrodisiacs act on the limbic system in the brain, where endorphins are released and emotions are felt, sometimes they are also said to have a direct effect on the genital organs.

Examples of aphrodisiac agents

Spices & amp; Herbs

These spices and herbs are mainly used in the kitchen, but can sometimes also be used in the form of essential oils (vanilla, mint).

 cinnamon saffron cloves
 vanilla nutmeg chili
 basil parsley mint


In many plants, the aphrodisiac components are obtained from the bark, the root or the leaves.

 Hawaiian wood rose Yohimbe Guarana
 ginger ginseng Epimedium

Essential oils

Essential oils are natural fragrances that are obtained from plants and flowers. Based on their fragrance, they can have a stimulating effect, be applied to the skin or used as a bath additive.

 rose lemon Neroli
 sage Ylang ylang bergamot
 jasmine Patchouli lavender


In the past, there were some foods that were considered aphrodisiac due to their phallic shape or stood for sensuality due to their red color. Today, certain foods are controversial in their effects, but are sometimes considered stimulating.

 cocoa strawberries celery
 asparagus Candy fruits truffle
Aphrodisiac foods
Especially mussels, certain fruits and dark chocolate are said to have an aphrodisiac effect.


When certain hormones are released in the human body, the desire for sex can be increased. There are now numerous drugs that contain mixtures of different hormones and are designed to stimulate female libido and male potency.

 testosterone melanotropin oxytocin
 androgens pheromones serotonin
 dopamine Bremelanotide

Animal aphrodisiacs

Certain animals, their genitals or other parts continue to be eaten to increase potency or as an aphrodisiac. Some are difficult to win, such as ambergris (from the digestive tract of sperm whales) or beaver horn (secretion from glandular sacs of beavers), which is why they are considered very valuable.

 Rhino powder shark fins ambergris
 Tiger meat Tiger testicles Spanish fly
 oysters Bibergeil