Forties is the best age, but sometimes sexual desire drops and disrupts the couple’s life. A woman, at 40, is at her sexual peak, since her world no longer revolves around the cradle of her baby. In addition, a man at this age, can have desires apart from the married life, perhaps because of a routine family life or a cumulation of problems which could affect his libido .

It is essential to resolve these problems at the very beginning of their appearance, before their aggravation. This is to awaken the erotic senses of the couple by introducing sensuality, whether in shared moments or in the means to be used, such as wearing beautiful underwear or striptease to his partner. Habits must be established daily to make the couple’s sex life more hectic.

Here are a few tips

1 – Improve your blood circulation, by moving and adopting a diet rich in, among other things, peppers, citrus fruits and hydrating to the maximum.

2 – Avoid money problems and try to manage your finances well so as not to hinder your sex life. The No. 1 enemy of sex is pecuniary concern.

3 – Balance your diet and favor healthy foods.

4 – Try new positions, new places and new sexual stimulation to tantalize your desire.

5 – Create romantic moments to get closer, such as a candlelit dinner at home or in a restaurant.

6 – Practice regular physical exercise to tone your body and normalize your mood and hormones.

7 – Add spices to your dishes such as ginger, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, saffron, Thyme from Provence, vanilla or even pepper.

8 – Create a common pastime between you in order to get closer.

9 – Give yourself compliments.

10 – Be attentive to your partner, their needs and wants.

11 – Cuddle with each other whether in private or in public. Hold your hand when you go outside, it will solidify your relationship.

12 – Add aphrodisiacs to your dishes such as chocolate, oyster, celery or asparagus.

13 – Increase your dose of vitamin B which acts as a sexual stimulant. Vitamin B3 helps to coordinate sex hormones, vitamin B5 to produce sex hormones and vitamin B6, to regulate mood and libido through the production of serotonin and dopamine.

14 – Consume apples regularly which increase the level of sexual desire. The phloridzin in the apple is the secret to increased desire; it is a molecule that approximates a woman’s sex hormone and can increase vaginal lubrication during sex.

15 – Make love verbally, it’s sexier and more exciting.

16 – Love your partner’s body, tell him and show him.

17 – Pay attention to your actions, your caresses and your words.

18 – Drink aphrodisiac drinks regularly, like watermelon juice for example.

19 – Keep your line and a normal weight in order to feel more confident and sexier.

20 – Get out of your comfort zone, and try new sexual experiences, it’s up to you!

At 40, you are middle-aged, rich in experiences, don’t let the routine kill your libido, react!