Teasing is one of the most powerful ways to get a girl sexually active and willing to get down with you. But the act of teasing is a sword that needs to be yielded by a pro in order to make your girl go crazy about you. Believe it or not, ladies always wish to have guys who can tease them and make them go crazy all day. Of course, there isn’t a better feeling than to this. Research has it that couples who tease each other a lot, find it pretty easy to deal with conflict as opposed to those who don’t. Therefore, I will be outlining and elaborating some of the pro ways to tease your girl, thereby saving your relationship and sex life. Here are some of the perfect tips:


  1. Aim for the Erogenous Zone

Women are usually sensitive in some vital areas such as the neck region, inner thighs, collarbone and ears. These places make them go haywire when properly handled. A general name given to these sensitive parts of the women body that sends come signals down their spines making them think about their man, is known as an erogenous zone. When you fiddle around these areas, she will definitely get turned on making it pretty easy for you to get down with her. There are several ways to go about this, but one of the best ways is by waking her up in the morning with some gentle kisses and touches along the erogenous zone. When you are sure you’ve got her in the mood, quietly leave her and head out. I can guarantee you; she will keep thinking about you all day long.


  1. Sex Chat Her

Sex chatting with your spouse is another teasing technique that will make your spouse go crazy about you. Send her dirty chats about the last time you guys had intercourse. The things you enjoyed most and what you wished she’d do differently when next you guys get down to it. Draw her attention to everything and tell her the things you intend doing to her the next time you both make love. Tell her how what you intend doing to her is going to make her feel and how she will enjoy it. This will make her fanaticize all you have been telling her, and wish to have you so badly.



  1. Kiss Her, But Don’t Touch Her

Have you ever kissed a girl without touching her? I bet it pretty tricky. This is one of the most challenging tasks for guys. If only you knew how crazy it makes them go when you kiss them slowly and passionately without laying your hands on them. It not only makes them go gaga, but it also leaves a lasting impression. So when next you are with your spouse, practice this act and sit back for some excellent results.


  1. Let Her Know How She Drives You Crazy

Every woman craves for her man to tell her how she makes him go crazy and horny. Therefore, always endeavor to tell your lady how she makes you feel and what she does that makes you go crazy. If she gets to know how what turns you on in bed, she will certainly want to please you even more.

  1. Talk Dirty and Fantasize

Talk to her every now and then about her body and the way she feels about your body. Talk dirty to her about some sexual fantasy you fanaticize. Tell her all the crazy things you would love to do with her when you get home. This will make her go crazy about you all day.


  1. Go easy

Similar to when guys get turned on and crave for our ladies touches and kisses and all that, same is peculiar with girls. Do not rush to touch her when you notice this, hold back for a couple of minutes before going to her rescue. When you get to her, gently touch her and kiss her down her neck. This will make her want you more.


  1. Play Tough

When you play difficult to give in while in bed, she will go crazy; gently pull away from her whenever you are making her go wild in bed and participate in something she doesn’t like. If you make her go crazy and pull away afterward, she will want you more.


  1. Spoon In Bed

A good number of couples do spend their time lying in a spoon position while in bed. Guess it high time you used this position to your advantage. While lying behind her, use your lips to caress her neck, this will arouse her and she will beg you to touch her.


  1. Morning Sex- Interrupted

This is one of the most difficult things to do, but if you are able to pull away from her when she wants you to continue, she will really want you more. Try this and ask her if she wants you to continue and you will definitely get a resounding yes. If you are able to leave her hanging there, she will keep thinking about you all day.


Teasing women might be pretty difficult to master, but once you are able to master this, you will realize how powerful your sex life will turn out.