The report on the most searched sexual positions was prepared by Flowercard. Published results refer to passwords typed by the British, but we can successfully assume that they are not too different from what is interesting for residents of other European countries.

Missionary position

It turns out that it is the popular and classic missionary position that is the most searched one. It’s over 42,000 inquiries in a month. It would seem that this is the most-known item, so what else can we learn about her from Google? Perhaps people are looking for ways to diversify this position. It is also often the position chosen by people who just start living together, so in this context it is not surprising that they are looking for more information about it.

Doggie position

In second place of the most searched sexual positions was a doggie position – 37,000 queries a month. According to research from 2017, it is also the most-liked position in Europe and the USA.

Reversed cowgirl

A position known as an inverted cowgirl or otherwise as an inverted rider sought 30,000. people in a month. The man lies comfortably on his back with his legs straight. The woman sits on it, her back turned to the partner’s face. This position ensures both lovers a lot of pleasure, but it can be dangerous – during sex in the reverse position cowgirl most often damages a member.

Woman on top / classic cowgirl

The popular “rider” position had 19,000 queries per month, which gives the woman control over the speed and depth of movement, and the partner has a perfect view of the body of the beloved.

For a teaspoon

The position for a teaspoon is known as a favorite item for lazy people. Over 15,000 people searched for it in Googlo. In this position, the woman and the man lie side by side parallel, on the same side. It is a very easy and pleasant position, which in combination with caresses can give a lot of pleasure to both partners.


The bid for oral sex was in the sixth place in the ranking, with the result of 12,000 searches per month. The name refers to the arrangement of the bodies of lovers. It allows you to use oral sex techniques and assumes simultaneous fondling by the partners. Despite its popularity, 69 is not an easy-to-manage position and may require some coordination and maneuvering for both partners to gain comfort.