Although it happens that the passion degrades, the flame is usually always there and it is enough to reignite it. For this, experts including the sexual therapist and author of “She Comes First”, Ian Kerner, entrust us with a tip to rekindle the spark and increase pleasure in bed: communication. Indeed, communication is the key to a harmonious union. She maintains good relations between romantic partners and always keeps them closely linked. Expressing yourself is also a great way to soothe and relax the atmosphere, but also to seduce.

And to do this, here are three sentences to use to improve your sex life:

1- “I had an interesting dream about you last night”

Modesty at the time of the sexual act affects a certain number of women and it is, in this case, difficult for them to communicate their desires in a clear and direct manner. Ian Kerner says the subconscious is to blame. However, to be able to express your wishes , it is possible to talk about them outside the bed and in a roundabout way. In this way, your craziest cravings can be revealed more easily and your partner will be delighted to satisfy them all. So do not hesitate to reveal everything down to the color of your underwear. The devil is in the details.

2- “Oh my God! I like when you do that “

Encouraging our partner to know what gives us pleasure is a big step towards enjoyment. Some like to talk, compliment, express their emotions, others prefer not to be too cluttered with words. Nevertheless, guiding the other is a necessary gesture so as not to sink into the routine and to look like two automata seeking to procreate. Get out of your hinges and say loudly what you like. And if you have trouble with words, groans can be just as explicit.

3- “I don’t put on my underwear, look forward to seeing you later”

If it is not your habit, it is time to take the lead. A small message can have a big effect. And this one will give you formal proof! Besides, better get him to work. Thus, you will be far from him and you will allow him the freedom to yearn for you. A surprising and totally out of context message will confuse him and give him a more assertive image of you. That of a confident woman , of a femme fatale. How could he resist?

In general, it is not always easy to develop sexually. There are points which sometimes escape us, which go beyond us and this is completely normal. The best is to talk about it without taboos, especially within the couple. Thus, you can open up to new experiences and increase the quality of your lovemaking. Do not hesitate to take initiatives from time to time to improve your sex life and solidify your romantic relationship.