Romance is one of the best ways a relationship tends to stand the taste of time. It brings couples closer to their spouses and creates an avenue for couples to get to know each other much better. No one detests romance and being more romantic will make your partner want to always spend more time with you. Sexual intimacy is similar to romance, though a good number of people might not realize this fact. Stirring up your partner’s excitement while in bed relies on some useful foreplay tricks. By using these skills, your partner’s sensual responses is being rekindled making them sexual arouse and responsive.

This article aims at educating you with some 12 hot turn-on tips that will undoubtedly get your partner excited and active in bed. Practice any of these tips, and you and your partner will certainly have the wildest and hottest romance/sex you could ever envision.


  1. Blindfold Each Other

Blindfolding will send some excitement and drills down your partner’s spine. If your partner is the rigid type, blindfold them first. It will radiate some electrical discharge and heighten sensitivity. Before proceeding with this act, make sure you get approval from your partner, as nothing will matter most but your partner’s consent. Slowly undress your partners to build up some burning sensation. Also, remember that this foreplay is all about building passion through the emotional perception of touch in a secure environment and not about creating fear. You could as well introduce props like rose petals, oils and feathers to stroke the skin,


  1. Kiss Each Other Emotionally

Avoid the use of pecks or short kisses while in bed, as this could easily turn off your partner’s sexual desire. Take you your time; do not rush. Your partner would really appreciate a slow, and passionate kiss over a million pecks or rushed over kisses. With your eyes closed, gently place your lips on your partner’s lips and feel the sensation move down your body. Slowly, softly and passionately kiss while breathing gradually into each other. Nothing feels much better than a slow and passionate kiss with a lover who just knows how to go about it. If your lover isn’t a good kisser, take your time to teach him/her it’s also part of the foreplay you know!


  1. Hit the Shower Together

Both of you should unwind and wash away any stress, anxiety, and tension associated with the day’s activities together. Add some candles around the bathtub as well as some roses to add some little romance. You guys could also make out together while in the bathroom before heading to the bedroom. Washing together is a perfect way to start off an evening on a relaxation note.


  1. Give Massages

Massages are great ways to turn-on your partner. Ensure you do not add lots of pressure in the wrong places to avoid turning off your partner. Add some warm oil; make use of your bare hands. Focus on those sensitive parts that turns your partner on and gently stroke. Both of you should take turns in giving massages.


  1. Spend Some Time Naked

Owing to lots of circumstances, couples tend to spend less time naked together. We are always in a hurry to head to work, take the kids to school or perform some other activity. We shower and get dressed. Make out time to spend some time naked with your partner. You guys could make out time to stay together naked. Being naked makes you feel more comfortable with your body, irrespective of your size. It’s an ideal and sexy way to establish trust and create an avenue for intimacy. If you guys are married with kids, avoid leaving your bedroom unlocked as your kids might just walk in, rather lock the door behind you guys and spend some quality time naked.


  1. Exchange Romantic Letters

Learn to express your love and fascination through words. Send lovely and intimate messages to your partner, describing in details how you imagine an intimacy between both of you. Create some kind of secret world between you two. Add some romantic petals or seals to express your love and desire. Both of you should take turns in doing all these to spark up some intimacy between you two.


  1. Dirty Talk

This is one of the craziest and sexiest things couples should indulge in, especially while in bed. This act brings couples closer and creates an avenue for both to feel more intimate. The craziest and coolest thing about this act is it makes both parties feel free to talk about their darkest sexual desires. Talk dirty with your partner but if they don’t feel at ease about it, then its ok.


  1. Let Your Partner Know How Sexy He or She is

Some people do not feel comfortable talking dirty. If you are among this set of people that pretty cool; you should probably feel more comfortable telling your partner how sexy he or she is. You could look for milder and less vulgar words to use. Sex is a defenseless position to be in where both parties will want to feel good while staying connected to each other. Authenticating what turns your partner on, is a good and perfect way to stay connected.



  1. Spank Him or Her Softly

Before indulging in spanking, make sure your partner is into it. Some people enjoy it during a sexual encounter, while a couple of others do not. If you partner enjoys spanking, go for it as it sends burning waves through the whole sexual uproar.


  1. Make Use of a Mirror

Interestingly, a good number of people find mirrors pretty exciting and entertaining, while making love or when while lying naked to their lovers. You could also try this out! Get a mirror, place it close to your bed (horizontally) and next to the both of you. Watching your party while he/she lies naked on the bed, is a huge turn on that is absolutely worth trying out.


  1. Make your Fantasy Come To Manifestation

Get a jotter and always right down whatever sexual fantasy your partner mentions to you. Does he wish to play the sexy hard guy who arrives to fix your pipes? Does she want to play the health care nurse who wants to take proper care of you? You do not need to hit the store to buy a costume for this; you can just pick up costume from things lying around your house. This will not only surprise your partner but will also turn him/her on.


  1. Use the “NO” word

If you guys always stick to the same foreplays before getting intimate, you could add some flavor by telling your partner you aren’t going to get down with them till after come number of days or weeks or even months. Funny right! Well don’t just end it there, go ahead and tease them by lifting your shirt, shaking your booty, or even showing him some part of her skin in a bid to build up the tension, after which you proceed to get down on them. This is another way to stimulate sexual desires.


Irrespective of passionate your sex life is, add some foreplay to it to fire it up to the next level. Your partner will certainly find it difficult letting go of you.