Love, lust and passion – sex is one of the most beautiful things in the world. But not only because he is fun and satisfies. But also because he is healthy. Excuses like “honey, I have migraines.” Count now no more. We have ten reasons why you should have more sex.

1. Sex relaxes

Stress in the job? Then a little teaser is just the thing to come down. Because it lowers the level of the stress hormone cortisol and clears the mind – especially when the next day an important exam or presentation is due, it provides additional self-confidence and serenity.

2. More sex keeps you fit

Who needs sport, even if it does a little quickie with the partner? Because sex trains the muscles and vessels and burns calories. Experts say: At 30 minutes of bedtime, about 200 calories melt.

3. Sex stimulates concentration

Not only physically keeps intercourse fit, but also mentally. Studies prove that who regularly sleeps together, has a better memory. Sexual intercourse should stimulate brain activity and thus lead to better results. So turn off the computer in the evening and go to bed to partner – then the office work on the next day is much easier from the hand!

4. Sex makes you happy

Anyone who gives in to his lust, neatly releases endorphins – and are known to be responsible for feelings of happiness in the body. Added to this is the binding hormone oxytocin, which above all creates a feeling of trust and ensures harmonious interaction.

5. Sex strengthens the partnership

Partners who often sleep with each other, that is, have more sex, are less likely to be strangers – and should they get into a fight, it is less violent than couples with a more passive love life.

6. Sex makes for a good night’s sleep

After the excitement follows the relaxation: The release of oxytocin not only ensures a closer bond with the partner, but also for a firmer sleep. The only problem: men usually fall asleep more quickly after the lovemaking, while women still want to cuddle a little.

7. Sex strengthens the immune system

When it gets cold outside, it should be very hot in bed. Because especially in the gloomy season, it will quickly kill you. However, studies show that those who have more sex increase their immunoglobulin A level – and they are responsible for the body’s own defenses.

8. Sex replaces tablets

Migraine? Menstrual pain? Malaise? Pain is often the number one killer. But scientists have found out: Just then the traffic is a good solution. Because he is considered a good alternative to ibuprofen and aspirin. Studies have shown that the sensation of pain through sex is even reduced by up to 70 percent. The excuse “Honey, not today – I have migraines” should therefore no longer apply!

9. Sex is good for the heart

Similar to sports, sex also has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. Twice a week – several studies say – reduce the risk of heart attack by half compared to those who sleep with each other at most once a month. In addition, the love life can indirectly give an indication of the heart’s health: Thus, power problems could be about a first sign of vascular calcification.

10th Sex makes beautiful

Sloshing in bed over the passion, then the blood gets excited – that not only makes you healthy and happy, but also beautiful. Because when the heart pumps a larger amount of blood through the body, important nutrients also get to where they work best. Twice a week of sexual intercourse has raised levels of the hormone DHEA, which in turn boosts collagen production and makes the skin smoother, cleaner, and rosier. In addition, the connective tissue becomes firmer and the hair becomes silky.

So try it and enjoy the pleasure