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Why sex is hotel is good

After hundreds of hours of extensive research on the subject (fun as hell research by the way!), we have come to the unmistakable conclusion that hotel sex rocks! There are many factors at play here that come together to create the perfect hotel soiree…

  • We are away from our usual habitat so we are more adventurous.
  • We are probably on vacation so we are chilling and in a good vibe.
  • Room Service is just 47 minutes away.
  • The (mini) bar is in the room so alcohol is probably partially guilty.
  • Hotels have sexy bathrooms that beckon some indoor acrobatics.
  • Hotel beds are awesome and you never want to leave them.
  • There is an intimacy kit in the mini-bar.
  • You don’t have to clean the room, pay bills or any humdrum chores.
  • That couples massage you had at the spa has made you horny.
  • You can be as wild as you want, scream and the kids won’t hear a thing.
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