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Sex Positions Your should try

  1. Missionary: Enjoy the closeness and intimacy of your partner. Go in diagonally rather than straight in and out, its more friction for clitoral stimulation.
  2. Reverse Cowgirl: Can do in either lying down or in the sitting position, also adds to clitoral stimulation.
  3. Doggy style: Women have control in this position being able to adjust range of motion for an angle that feels best. For extra stimulation use a toy or a hand.
  4. Girl on top: Offering the most control, help her move her hips up & down that way you can control the depth and the motion.
  5. Spooning: Pleasurable because it creates a tighter fit in the vagina and rectum for even more stimulation in addition to the penis add fingers.
  6. Crisscross: Woman on her back and the guy is on his side legs draped over the middle like an X.
  7. Pillow technique: Pillow under your tush for pelvic lift.
  8. Ankles up: Ankles on shoulder to go deep inside or bending knees and placing soles of feet on your chest.
  9. Standing up: Perfect position for a quickie.
  10. The lap dance: Pull up a chair and have him take a seat while you get on top. He’ll love the look of you on top, allowing him to get aggressive with his hands tugging hair etc…
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