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Know your Sexual Limits

Find your sexual limits with a checklist

Working your way through a checklist may sound like the least erotic activity you could possibly do to understand your sexual limits. But it gives you objective look at what you’re both comfortable and uncomfortable when it comes to sex.

Review the following items and mark each one with an appropriate response like: Yes, maybe, no, I’m not sure, fantasy, etc.

• Sexual touching in private areas, and without asking first
• Sexual touching in public areas, and without asking first
• Going topless with my partner
• Going bottomless with my partner
• Being completely naked with a partner in a dark, dim, or lit room
• Having a partner look at me while naked
• Having a partner look at my private parts while naked
• Masturbating alone while watching yourself
• Feeling aroused, alone or with a partner
• Making noise during either sex or an orgasm, both alone or with your partner
• Having a partner see or feel lubrication
• Seeing or feeling a partner’s erection
• Having an orgasm alone or with someone
• Seeing partner have an orgasm
• Masturbating in front of a partner
• Watching your partner masturbate in front of you
• Dry humping, clothed or naked
• Receiving manual sex for the vulva, vagina, anus or rectum
• Giving manual sex for the penis, testes, anus or rectum
• Receiving oral sex for vulva, vagina, anus, and rectum
• Giving oral sex for penis, testes, anus, and rectum
• Experience your partner coming on you
• Using a vibrator, or sex toy, alone or with partner
• Allow your partner to use a vibrator, or sex toy, on you
• Having vaginal sex
• Having anal sex
• Having oral sex
• Giving or receiving biting
• Giving or receiving scratching
• Giving or receiving spanking or slapping
• Being restrained during sex
• Wearing a blindfold during sex
• Being dominated during sex
• Dominating your partner during sex
• Wearing costumes or provocative lingerie during sex
• Perform a striptease
• Read erotic books together
• Record having sex together
• Engage in phone sex
• Engage in sexting
• Have sex away from the bedroom
• Have sex in a public or semi-public space

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