1. Pretend your boyfriend is a cop and you’re trying to get out of a speeding ticket.

2. Pretend that you’re his boss and are about to fuck him on his desk at work.

3. Pretend you’re a virgin who’s having sex for the very first time.

4. Pretend you’re at a sleepover and have snuck away to fuck your best friend’s brother.

5. Pretend you’re a student who’s trying to seduce her teacher in order to raise her grade.

6. Pretend you’re a nurse who is about to give her patient a sponge bath.

7. Pretend you’re a famous singer who’s about to have meaningless sex with one of her groupies.

8. Pretend you’re in a zombie apocalypse and you’re having sex one last time before the world ends.

9. Pretend your boyfriend has been away at war for years, and he’s finally come home to see you.

10. Pretend your boyfriend is a masseuse that’s going to give you a happy ending.

11. Pretend that you’ve just met your boyfriend and are going to have a one-night stand with him.

12. Pretend you’re his maid who wants to have a quickie with him before his wife gets home.

13. Pretend that you’re both porn stars on the set of one of your films.

14. Pretend that you both hate each other’s guts and are about to have rough, angry sex.

15. Pretend you’re a prostitute who’s only fucking him for the cash.

16. Pretend that he’s the pizza guy, and that he’ll let you blow him instead of pay him.

17. Pretend he’s your Uber driver that ends up fucking you in the back of the car.

18. Pretend that you’re a bored housewife who decides to sleep with the pool boy.

19. Pretend that he’s your yoga instructor, and he’s teaching you exactly how to bend over.

20. Pretend you’re an inmate in prison who’s trying to fuck another inmate without the guards noticing.

21. Pretend you’re in a Y/A novel and your boyfriend is a vampire, a werewolf, or some other creature.

22. Pretend you’re a character from your favorite romance novel.

23. Pretend that he’s a repairman, and that he bangs you on the washing machine after he finishes fixing it.

24. Pretend he’s your landlord, and you’re going to sleep with him, because you can’t afford the rent.

25. Pretend he’s a mechanic that decides to fuck you on the hood of your car once he finishes fixing it.

26. Pretend he knocked on your hotel room door on accident, but you ended up inviting him inside anyway.

27. Pretend that you’re a model, and that he should be praising the lord that he got the chance to sleep with you.

28. Pretend that you’re teenagers who have to keep quiet, so your parents don’t hear you through the walls.

29. Pretend that you’re teaching a cooking class, and that he stays late to help you use up the leftover whipped cream.

30. Pretend that you’re two wild animals fucking in the middle of the forest.

31. Pretend that you’re royalty and he has to obey every single order that you give him.

32. Pretend that you’re in a long distance relationship and have to have sex over Skype.

33. Pretend he’s a robot that is programmed to listen to everything you have to say.

34. Pretend that he’s a male stripper and let him give you a lap dance.

35. Pretend that he’s from another planet, so you have to show him exactly how to get you off.

36. Pretend that he’s your prisoner and that you can tie him up and do whatever you please.

37. Pretend that he’s a tourist from another country, and listen to him dirty talk in his new accent.

38. Pretend you’re a hitchhiker who promises to fuck the driver as long as he’ll get you out of town.

39. Pretend that you’re on an airplane together and are about to join the mile high club.

40. Pretend you’re sleeping with your best friend’s boyfriend or someone else who is totally off limits.

41. Pretend you’re your favorite Disney princess, and that he’s making love to you after the ball.

42. Pretend that he’s the bad boy biker that your parents warned you to stay far away from.

43. Pretend you’re a librarian who decides to bang one of her customers against the bookshelves after closing time.

44. Pretend that he’s your personal trainer who’s showing you how to stretch out your hot body.

45. Pretend he’s a firefighter who just saved your life. Now you need to find a way to thank him.

46. Pretend that he’s the guy you’ve been crushing on for years, and you finally get to have him.

47. Pretend you’re a romance novelist who’s trying to do research for one of the sex scenes she’s writing.

48. Pretend that he’s an artist and he wants to sketch your naked body.

49. Pretend he’s a professional athlete that you’re banging in the locker room.

50. Pretend that it’s your wedding night, and you’re having sex for the first time as husband and wife