Honeymoon is the perfect time for spontaneous disrobing – don’t let a difficult button fly or a pesky onesie keep you from baring it all when the need arises. On a honeymoon, you’ll want a dress that’s easy to rip right off before your wild urge dissipates. So seize the moment with these smart dresses that can come right off at a moment’s notice:


1. Snap-front Dress

If you want to be able to get from clothed to nude in a “snap,” then a snap-front dress. Even the weak-armed can rip this dress open in one swift motion.

2. Tube Dress

Nothing says “Hot time!” like tubes. Strap-free dresses,  require almost no thought at all to get off. After a few heavy rounds of day-drinking, you’re both going to be wanting something you can pull off in either direction in that cramped taxicab backseat.

3. Deep V-Neck Dress

Looking for a wild fun? Then why not get a dress that has already done half the work for you! Some deep V-neck dresses are flirty. Perfect for a evening dinner! And with that generous slit down the front, a hearty tug is all you’ll need to finish the job after you “accidentally” bend to pick something.