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WhatsApp sex emojis

WhatsApp has enough emojis that you can interpret ambiguously. Various phallic symbols or emoticons, which are reminiscent of a vagina, bustle here. You can see what is possible here:

  1. Aubergine = Most popular sex emoji for the best piece
  2. Peach = crunchy women’s buttocks (role model: Kim Kardashian)
  3. Keep your fingers crossed = handwork is the order of the day
  4. Banana = I think there is no need for an explanation here;)
  5. Water drops = male ejaculation
  6. Honey pot =  another word for vagina
  7. Open mouth  = desire to kiss and more
  8. Devil = be cool
  9. Hotdog = the sausage in the bun …
  10. Corn on the cob = just another phallus
  11. Piggy = be piggy on it; Fancy dirty things
  12. Smiley with tongue out = desire for oral sex
  13. Volcanic eruption = brilliant orgasm
  14. Donut = a very practical hole
  15. Lollipop = something you can put in your mouth and lick it
  16. Tulip = Take a close look: What does the constellation of the leaves remind you of?
  17. Nuts = Nuts stand for what is attached to the bottom of corn on the cob, eggplant or banana.

Combinations of emojis & symbols

Sometimes you have to use several emoticons to be able to express your sexual message more clearly. Very harmless symbols and smileys suddenly get into a dirty context!

  1. Aubergine + open mouth = fancy a blowjob?
  2. Kneeling male + dog’s head = here someone is on doggy style
  3. Banana + honey pot + fireworks = super blatant sex
  4. Tongue + flower = licking
  5. Finger pointing to the side + ok sign = fingers
  6. Dancing woman + eyes + bikini = I want to see you in underwear!
  7. Donut + banana = unmistakably simple sex
  8. Man + woman + open mouth + bed = I want to go to bed with you immediately
  9. Rocket + heart + fire = you will really go off!
  10. Aubergine + Peach = Fancy Anal Sex?
  11. Corn on the cob + fist + drops of water = hand job to orgasm

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