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Dinner : Start of Sensual Tension

Attraction will make her like you but the sexual tension is what makes her want to have sex with you. Sexual tension is what actually turns her on…    

Use Blindfold to Increases Sexual Fun

There are many ways to sexual fun. In fact, what drives sex is the fun it promises. There are a few activities that promise the level of fun sex offers. However, sex soon becomes bland, even routine, when it is had over a long period of time without any sexual spice or change. Sex is […]

Build Sensual Tension before love making.

Senual tension can be exciting and sexy, and oh-so-much-fun as long as you know the rules. Find out how to build sexual tension with someone you like using these tips. Sexual tension is a sexy thing. It can make you feel good about yourself, can make life so much more exciting and can give you […]

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