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How To Turn Her Into A Naughty Girl

Kinky Sex can be so much fun, but many women aren’t into it. Here’s how you can get your partner to LOVE kinky sex – and practically beg for it! Relationships are not sustained by sex alone. However, having great sex with your girlfriend or wife is a giant plus. If your girl is not the most […]

Role-play ideas to spice things up

Awesome role-play ideas you can try out with your partner to spice things up, explore your fantasies, and just have a lot more fun when it comes to lovemaking. 1. The Working Girl The working girl role-play sex game takes on many forms, but the basic idea behind it is that you need to earn money from your man […]

New Year Resolutions for Couples

Great relationships don’t happen by magic.  People who enjoy a vibrant, loving life with their partner put effort into making their relationship work.  Yes–they work at their sex life, too!  Based on our experience as a sex experts, here are  resolutions that can help you enjoy a better sex life next year. Be more affectionate.  Both […]

Why Is Role-Playing is good for your relationship

Role playing for sex is one way to turn the drab sexual encounter into a one of a kind liaison that you are going to cherish for a long time. Make it new every day, as though you’re new people; strangers who have just met or haven’t known each other for too long. Let your imaginations run wild and get […]

Complements for girls- Your Guide

  COMPLIMENTS FOR GIRLS   1. You’re like sunshine when it’s raining in my life. 2. Your one smile can make my day. 3. *Color name* looks perfect on you, like it’s made for you. 4. That is such a great choice. It was waiting to be yours, I’m glad you got that dress/top/one-piece. Well you should know what […]

Talk to please your partner

Women get turned on by words – Women are serial fantasists, which mean that get massively aroused by words and imagining sexual scenarios. This can give you tremendous power. It’s private – Your phone is private to you, so noone is going to read those texts unless you want them to. This allows her to be very […]

Sexting Examples to start a conversation

“I dreamt about you last night, it was hot — very hot, have you ever had a dirty dream about anyone?” “I don’t know if this is normal, but my legs get weak every time I get a text from you.” “Just saw something really sexy that made me think bad thoughts of you.” “I […]

Delay aging by morning sex

Even if you’re not in the morning, let alone making love, this article is for you! You will discover more than one reason for having sex when you wake up. In addition to the many health benefits that such a report presents, be aware that a study conducted by Queen’s University shows that early sex delays aging […]

Technique of breaking the rules

Methods are simple, but they are approaches that work, and you can find many ways to introduce novelty. So for example, if you’re at home, try doing things that you would never normally do: for example, instead of going out to dinner when you have a babysitter, go out to a hotel and have sex. […]

Dinner : Start of Sensual Tension

Attraction will make her like you but the sexual tension is what makes her want to have sex with you. Sexual tension is what actually turns her on…    

Tips for Honeymoon in a cold place

  Sex during the cold winter days is a separate issue, but certainly solvable. You are seated inside your bedside with your partner and you are so cold as you are breathing and breathing. We have in mind, but that does not mean leaving today’s sex today. All you need is just a little orientation towards the […]


Let socks on better next time Scientists at the University of Groningen found that wearing socks is sexually orgasmic. At least for women. Why exactly is that, you will learn here Sleep Signal to the Brain To understand why socks in bed are not so useless, it helps to understand how the human body prepares for impending […]

Your Zodiac Sign and Sex Positions

The secret to leaving your lover satisfied? Truly knowing who they are and what they like. And, since your partner’s Sun sign reveals the essence of their personality—including what they want from sex—the zodiac can clue you in to his or her pleasure points. Turn up the heat in your bedroom by tailoring your sex […]

Places to have Sex

People are very fond of boasting about how they fucked on the balcony of the 14th floor in a scuba dinghy standing in a hammock, but we want to reveal to you the whole truth: it’s wildly uncomfortable. The illusory attempt to diversify their sex lives in fact only leads to unnecessary restrictions and injuries. Sex […]

Love making Schedule is good for relationship.

We schedule things like hair appointment, facials and dinner dates with friends. This can make the event seem exciting, give you something to look forward to and, after having a wonderful time, realize you need to schedule more time to practice self-care in these ways. In fact, you probably leave many of these events or […]

Unknown things about women that excite men.

We are all accustomed to thinking that men are excited by perfect lace underwear and flawless shapes. But are we not mistaken? Representatives of the strong sex are excited by quite unexpected things. Stretching in the morning Men generally appreciate “cozy” women. Of course, they will not be indifferent to the lady in short skirt […]

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