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Men don’t like lingerie or hot dresses. Wear them for yourself.

Men like lingerie because it makes them feel that you take the time to be beautiful for them and that you enjoy the process because you enjoy making yourself beautiful for men. Men like lingerie because they like the idea that you’re so turned on by them that you have to get all dressed up to make sex a special occasion, where you can show them how very turned on they make you.

Next time you buy lingerie, don’t worry about how it looks; worry about how it makes you feel inside to see yourself in it and to wear it. Enjoy the process. Take note of lingerie you see in films that you think are beautiful and go try on similar styles. Maybe you think girls in cowboy hats and boots are sexy, so go to the local western store and pick up a few sombreros.

Some women have a really hard time ever thinking of themselves as sexy and enticing in any outfit. If you’re really hard on yourself about your looks, no amount of work on the outside will completely fix this (i.e., weight loss and muscle toning). Yes, you may look at yourself and say, “I look fit and kind of sexy,” but you may still not feel comfortable with being fully in your body during sex.

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