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4 Simple Things You Need for Amazing Sex

Making sure you climax is too important to leave to fate. In a groundbreaking study, researchers asked women what really works for them in bed-and discovered that these four simple moves make all the difference. Be a boss To ratchet up your chances of an O, choose a position that naturally provides more direct stimulation […]

Valentine’s Day Lingerie to pick

One of the great things about Valentine’s Day lingerie is that it usually does not take long to end up on the floor! So, why not plan for the inevitable… by purchasing lingerie that is perfect for strip teasing? We recommend combing lingerie items for the ultimate Valentine’s Day striptease, as the more you have […]

40 Dresser for romantic gateway or honeymoon

Whether you’re into long walks in the wilderness or bar-hopping in the city, one person’s idea of a blissful escape can be another’s worst nightmare. So when packing for a weekend away with a significant other, naturally, your clothing choices will vary according to your chosen location and personal style. This article is about making […]

Order of Yoni, first vagina beer

Imagine the essence of a woman in one bottle of beer. Beer with a flavour of champagne! This beer is made with vaginal bacteria of Czech models. Thought it was released recently, the work … The recipe of the Polish-made ‘vaginal’ beer You’re probably wondering what in the world is a vaginal beer. Well, you’re […]

Butts Vs Breasts

In A Billion Wicked Thoughts: What the World’s Largest Experiment Reveals About Human Desire, neuroscientists Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam—systematically examining what people do on the Internet—conclude that “breasts, no matter what size, are the most popular body part in sexual searches in every country we looked at, including the U.S., Russia, India, Germany, Japan, and […]

Over exposure to Cleavage. Now Cleavage is Out.

There is an over exposure of cleavage which makes it clevage out of trend. Clevage is no longer considered alluring. See for yourself some of the pictures from the internet. So what will take the place of cleavage? Exposed shoulders, stomach or legs, apparently.

7 Rules to rekindle sexsual desires.

Over time, the routine can easily take hold within the couple and impact the well-being of the relationship, especially at the sexual level. So how do you rekindle desire? With these few tips that will help you find the chemistry of your beginnings. 1 – Play sex games Break the daily routine, having intimate relationships outside the […]

Simple tip to have a better orgasm

In the process of achieving female orgasm, there are countless ways to improve sexual pleasure. Sexual lubricants and the introduction of sex toys to the bedroom are two ways to immediately start exploring new sexual experiences. But, ultimately ladies, your body and mind are your most important sexual assets, moreover there is an excellent tip that you […]

3 magic phrases to improve your sex life-Try Now

Although it happens that the passion degrades, the flame is usually always there and it is enough to reignite it. For this, experts including the sexual therapist and author of “She Comes First”, Ian Kerner, entrust us with a tip to rekindle the spark and increase pleasure in bed: communication. Indeed, communication is the key to a harmonious union. She […]

Love Science- Erogenous Explained

Sex is undeniably a wonderful source of pleasure. But what is sexual pleasure really?  The simple and relatively vague definition would consist of those positively valued feelings induced by sexual stimuli. Our bodies being designed with the integrated ability to attract a sexual partner. Moreover, our ability and our will to discover how to give and receive pleasure […]

Know your sensual profile by Sun sign

Zodiac can influence a person when choosing which sexual position to try. Find out which position suits the signs best and learn how to make your partner lose his mind at sex ARIES – THE DOMINANT Aries is one of the signs that we like to dominate and when we talk about sex, this feature becomes even […]

Buy Lingerie Throughout Your Marriage

If you think that owning lingerie is pointless (it’s only on for a few seconds after all, right?) or not something that you should buy until you’ve reached a certain weight loss goal or stop having kids, think again. No matter what your excuse is, I will tell you that you should buy lingerie that […]

Your favorite color tells about your sexuality.

We know how a person’s favorite color can reveal personality traits. What many do not know is that their favorite color can also reveal a lot of one’s sexual preferences. Find out below what your favorite color says about your sexual behavior and learn all about the relationship between color and sexuality. COLORS AND SEXUALITY – WHAT IS THE INFLUENCE? […]

We exchange sexual energy during love making.

You may have noticed that when we have sex with someone, our connection with her becomes much more intense. But why does this happen? Going far beyond the intimacy of naked bodies, it is the sexual energy that makes the bonding so strong during sex. Understand better. The energy exchange between people happens all the time. The touch, the look, the […]

Aphrodisiac – Super Charge

An aphrodisiac is a means of awakening or enhancing the sensation of pleasure. The term aphrodisiac comes from the Greek and goes back to the goddess Aphrodite, the goddess of love, beauty and sensual desire. At the Aphrodisia festival celebrated for them in antiquity, stimulating intoxicants, the so-called aphrodisiacs, were also taken. Accordingly, these libido-enhancing agents have been […]

Striptease: the art of undressing

The striptease is the art of sensual and erotic undressing, which, coupled with seductive music and lascivious movements, makes men’s hearts beat faster. Do you want to stimulate your partner’s imagination with a hot striptease? Then find out here how to do it best. Not only is a striptease the perfect way to seduce your partner, it’s […]

Triggers that Activate Desire

Modern science of seduction has much to teach us about our preferences, interests, and desires. Sexual triggers – They are able to make you exploit your power of seduction further and appear more sensual in any situation. 6 sexual triggers that arouse seduction: Longer eye contact, looking away from the sides… Slurred and breathy voice […]

Everyone want sex but not having in bedroom

While sex is omnipresent in our society, there is often a complete calm in your own bedroom. Today no schoolchildren can buy sweets at the kiosk without staring at bare-chested beauties, there is a lull in bedrooms. Sex takes place everywhere: on the street, on TV, on the Internet – just not at home. Scantily clad models […]

Kiss on Neck

A kiss is the sincerest means of ushering yourself into the ecstatic world of affection, housing you, your lady and the dreams you two concoct together. However, each kiss has a different meaning and might be interpreted in various ways by the recipient.  Why Kisses on the Neck Is A Turn-on for Her? For most […]

Why we having less sex and how to fix it

The main problem with a lull in sex is usually not the lack of desire, but the self-built blockages in the head.  Because your own thoughts are only about the question “Do I want now or not?”  circles, it becomes increasingly difficult to correctly interpret and classify your own lust. Because of the brooding, we lose […]

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