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Order of Yoni, first vagina beer

Imagine the essence of a woman in one bottle of beer. Beer with a flavour of champagne! This beer is made with vaginal bacteria of Czech models. Thought it was released recently, the work … The recipe of the Polish-made ‘vaginal’ beer You’re probably wondering what in the world is a vaginal beer. Well, you’re […]

Small tricks with breasts can change your love life

Many find breasts sooooo great and very erotic. But when it comes to the point, it seems that some do not know what he / she should do with the two lovely twins.  A little press here and press there must be enough, right? No, no dear ones, there is more!  The lucky ones of you know: breasts * properly * stimulated can […]

Why we having less sex and how to fix it

The main problem with a lull in sex is usually not the lack of desire, but the self-built blockages in the head.  Because your own thoughts are only about the question “Do I want now or not?”  circles, it becomes increasingly difficult to correctly interpret and classify your own lust. Because of the brooding, we lose […]

WhatsApp sex emojis

WhatsApp has enough emojis that you can interpret ambiguously. Various phallic symbols or emoticons, which are reminiscent of a vagina, bustle here. You can see what is possible here: Aubergine = Most popular sex emoji for the best piece Peach = crunchy women’s buttocks (role model: Kim Kardashian) Keep your fingers crossed = handwork is the order of the day […]

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