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Emily Ratajkowski- Sweet, Sexy and Naughty. Style inspiration for 2021

Emily Ratajkowski has proven she’s far more than a pin-up. Still, no one does sexy dressing quite like the model, actress, designer, and activist. From glam cut-out dresses on the red carpet to her model off-duty street style, Ratajkowski has mastered the art of bombshell style for every occasion.  Whether she’s in a red jumpsuit […]

What does make women sexy to men?

…and don’t even know it! Read the research on attraction–then put it to work. When You Lock Eyes and Smile The head-smackingly simple flirting fact I passed on to Violet that day: According to researchers at Scotland’s University of Aberdeen Face Research Lab, when you smile genuinely and lock eyes with a guy, he finds […]

Office Affairs: It can be satisfying

While there are numerous victories, not all work environment issues have a glad consummation. Underneath we take a gander at the great, the awful and the revolting situations of office issues, before you consider marking an affection contract. It begins with a brisk affirmation in the hallway, a day by day hi and affable talk […]

Men Find Women’s Legs Alluring

Legs appeal to multiple senses: sight and touch. There’s a superb shape and line as well as an enticing texture (enhanced, of course, by shaving and perhaps nylons). At the sight of a woman’s legs, a man might well dream of running his hands over them and coming between them. And that smoothness in turn […]

Kendall Jenner kick started the Side boob look

Jaw-dropping: The 19-year-old model left many green with envy showing tons of side cleavage by wearing side boob dress. The 19-year-old current It girl of fashion showcased her long lean legs in the semi-sheer fabric that shimmered under the bright stage lights and camera flashes.

7 Rules to rekindle sexsual desires.

Over time, the routine can easily take hold within the couple and impact the well-being of the relationship, especially at the sexual level. So how do you rekindle desire? With these few tips that will help you find the chemistry of your beginnings. 1 – Play sex games Break the daily routine, having intimate relationships outside the […]

Hot Pants to add some Omph

Show of your killer style of shorts including high waisted and denim hot pants. Hotpants or hot pants describe extremely short shorts. The term was first used by Women’s Wear Daily in 1970 to describe shorts made in luxury fabrics such as velvet and satin for fashionable wear, rather than their more practical equivalents that had been worn for sports or […]

Small tricks with breasts can change your love life

Many find breasts sooooo great and very erotic. But when it comes to the point, it seems that some do not know what he / she should do with the two lovely twins.  A little press here and press there must be enough, right? No, no dear ones, there is more!  The lucky ones of you know: breasts * properly * stimulated can […]

Lust : The stress killer

Stress is considered a lust killer par excellence. Why it is sometimes wise to forget about lust: tips from the sex therapist. For couples who are particularly keen to achieve equality, lust takes a back seat These couples are used to organizing their everyday life together, negotiating things and meeting each other at eye level. Everything is […]


Valentine Messages and Gifs

Happy Valentine’s Day to the most special person in my life. You are my love, my heart, and my joy. ♥ What if there were no decisions to be made, but only moments to be lived? I would still live my moments with you. ♥ I shiver at the question of how deep this connection actually […]

Ariana Grande – Teen Sensation can burn the floor

Ariana Grande happens to be the first singer in the 57-year history of Billboard Hot 100 Chart to have got the lead singles from each of her first three albums premiere inside the top 10. Born as Ariana Grande-Butera on June 26, 1993 in Boca Raton, USA, she is a 25 year old film and […]

Ariana schoolgirl look

Ariana’s playful and girly aesthetic is her penchant for schoolgirl plaid. Of course, Ariana isn’t afraid to add a little sex appeal to her youthful looks. By opting for short tartan miniskirts and cropped checked tops, this star makes plaid a lot more fun and fashionable. She also enjoys trying different colours, including traditional red […]

Reduce Weight : Sleep Naked

Sleeping nude sounds sexy, but in reality you prefer the XL shirt. Although there are so many advantages of sleeping naked. One decreases and wakes up more rested, is the result of a study. All the reasons for sleep without pajamas below.   NAKED SLEEPING MAKES YOU SLIM During sleep, the body shuts down the energy consumption and cools down, […]

food for partner

What do happy couples do differently?

Who does not strive for a happy, fulfilled partnership? We often wonder what’s needed to keep it forever. In addition, some couples seem to have simply cracked the relationship jackpot. They radiate to the bet and act as a unit. What makes these couples so happy? Are they never arguing? But probably these couples argue every now and then. Or get on […]

Delay aging by morning sex

Even if you’re not in the morning, let alone making love, this article is for you! You will discover more than one reason for having sex when you wake up. In addition to the many health benefits that such a report presents, be aware that a study conducted by Queen’s University shows that early sex delays aging […]

Ten kinky stuffs for you Honeymoon

Ten kinky stuffs you can carry out with your man. Just in case you are sick and worn-out of old bedroom style, looking for a way to make your guy less unexcited, let me carry you along and show you the ten kinky stuffs you can do with your guy. I believe you should have […]

Men don’t like lingerie or hot dresses. Wear them for yourself.

Men like lingerie because it makes them feel that you take the time to be beautiful for them and that you enjoy the process because you enjoy making yourself beautiful for men. Men like lingerie because they like the idea that you’re so turned on by them that you have to get all dressed up to make sex a […]


Every man is different and finds different things attractive. We always believed that men loved thongs and G-strings and was surprised when we first discovered that few men in our survey finds it white cotton panties really hot. With this in mind, it’s important to learn what your man finds sexy.   Questions that are simple and pointed […]

Women guide to honeymoon seduction

A woman has all of the necessary tools at her disposal to seduce and control any man without hesitation. They have the body, the mind, and the skills necessary to make a man their servant. But there are other things that can help any woman be more seductive. Smile A woman who smiles has the […]

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