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Sexy Ways To Wear A Skirt this Valentine

A straight skirt in any material is a great idea any time – there’s no better way to show off your legs. Choose a denim, leather, to give your look a fall flavor. Style it with a top or a tee, a jacket, a vest, or just put on a slouchy sweater – this way you […]

Valentine Role Play Ideas.

There are fewer things more tantalising than a bit of sexy role-playing. Taking on an entire new persona and living out your biggest fantasies through this character are some of the best ways to spice things up in the bedroom, with sexy costumes and roleplaying being a favourite of many couples. Whether you are looking […]

Babydoll: The most popular lingerie

The babydoll remains a must-have garment for anyone that loves their lingerie. Suitable for everything from seduction to sleeping, babydoll’s are the perfect addition to your lingerie collection, offering something that is comfortable yet still sexy. It is also suitable for virtually any body and with so many gorgeous garments available, it is easy to find […]

40 Dresser for romantic gateway or honeymoon

Whether you’re into long walks in the wilderness or bar-hopping in the city, one person’s idea of a blissful escape can be another’s worst nightmare. So when packing for a weekend away with a significant other, naturally, your clothing choices will vary according to your chosen location and personal style. This article is about making […]

long distance

Bring long-distance relationship on Fire

Just because you’ve been together for years, there’s no reason your sex life should be bland. Follow these 10 tantalising tips and you’ll be having mind-blowing sex just like you did when you first got together.   1. ENGAGE IN SOME PDA Paris is world-renowned as the city of love. Take a cue from its […]

Side Boob is the Hot New Cleavage

Cleavage is middle boob line and side boob is the outer boob curve. What society considers to be sexy is ephemeral. In fact, ‘sexy’ seems to change almost every decade. From outdated miniature waists and bulging cleavages in corsets to the current trends of thigh gaps and the trout pout, sexy is an ever-evolving aspect […]

Oh, Ramona! – Netflix Hot Movie

Andrei (played by Bogdan Iancu), a nerdy loser – we are explicitly informed through caption bubble as if the nerd glasses with formal wear in the party was not enough to make it look like a nerd caricature – is in love with the hottest (cliche alert) girl in the school, Ramona (played by Aggy […]

Butts Vs Breasts

In A Billion Wicked Thoughts: What the World’s Largest Experiment Reveals About Human Desire, neuroscientists Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam—systematically examining what people do on the Internet—conclude that “breasts, no matter what size, are the most popular body part in sexual searches in every country we looked at, including the U.S., Russia, India, Germany, Japan, and […]

Halloween Costumes are ‘Sexy’

Halloween has become almost as much fun for adults as it is for kids, with night clubs, pubs and people throwing themed parties where guests try to outdo each other with scary and even satirical costumes. Halloween costumes for women are all now ‘sexy’. You can buy ‘sexy witch’, ‘sexy mummy’, ‘sexy Minnie Mouse’, even […]

Cos play – It’s an Art

Cos-play or costume play is not dressing up for Halloween. Cosplay means looking like a character from a comic book, movie, or novel, and taking on the persona of that character. This means copying the exact dress and attitude of the character. Cosplay is simply “a way to celebrate your fandom.” So it’s not necessarily […]

Urbango girl Oralia Cortes: Style Goal

Urbango girl/model Oralia Cortes is trending on the internet. She seriously gives you make over goals. She is ‘ Queen of the universe’ and her dress choices give all of dressing goal. She shows how a dress can make you look cute, girl next door to sizzling hot. Some of urbango product photographs. Some of […]

Dresses for a quicky

A sundress with nothing underneath. Go for a quirky while she pulled up her dress. With a t-shirt on and no bra. Frequently have sex with her keeping her t-shirt or camisole on, but being fully naked otherwise A long skirt with no panties. Skirt with thong, slide up, and side. In winter keep top […]

Love to eat banana?

Bananas are a tasty and convenient source of some important nutrients. People have grown this tropical fruit since ancient times, and its health benefits have been promoted for more than a century.   You can eat bananas raw or mixed in your favorite smoothie. You can enjoy your own homemade peanut butter-banana sandwich, banana bread, or banana […]

Phone sex – Ignite the fire

Have you at any point needed to say romantic things to your darling before he returns home from work? Ordinary telephone sex can truly zest up your adoration life on the off chance that you realize how to do it right, and it can likewise cause your darling to value you significantly more. It doesn’t […]

Dress Ideas to be sexy

Dress to play up what you love most. Showcase tanned and toned legs or give your legs an elongated look, from short shorts and sleek skirts to sky high heels. We’ve found these flattering looks so you can dare to bare.

How to last longer in bed

The following are 11 hints that a man can figure out how to last longer in bed. 1. Stay away from taking part in overly energizing sex. Getting excessively energized during sex will cause quicker heartbeat rate and result in a “battle or flight” circumstance. The outcome is either an ejaculation or lost of your […]

Ariadna Majewska- Know about her

Ariadna Majewska is a 29-year-old self-made Polish blogger and photographer. She lives in Poznan, Poland.  Every day – through words and pictures – Ariadna nurtures her passions, discovers herself, her femininity (more on that later!), and builds long-lasting, meaningful connections. Black satin petticoat, thin tights and high heels with red soles.  a satin sensual petticoat, […]

Masturbate to‘boost our immune systems’ and stay happy

Masturbation causes your body to release a number of hormones. These hormones include: Dopamine. This is one of the “happiness hormones” that’s related to your brain’s reward system. Endorphins. The body’s natural pain reliever, endorphins also have de-stressing and mood-boosting effects. Oxytocin. This hormone is often called the love hormone and is associated with social […]

Sun Signs and Art of Seduction

Aries – The Burning Flame how they seduce: When they feel a strong pull towards you, they must have you, so they will immediately try to get your attention. They are normally very open and blunt and they will tell you what they want and how they want it. They are very likely to take the […]

Emily Ratajkowski – Most Sexy model-turned-actress

She’s known for showcasing her sensational model frame across social media. And Emily Ratajkowski’s stunning physique wasn’t lost on those lucky enough to be seated close to the star as she posed for her latest selfie at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles. We picked some of the inspriration from the internet.

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