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Must-Have Beach Wear – Sarong

Sarong is one the “must have” piece of clothing for all fashion conscious girls. It becomes a necessity if you are planning for a beach holiday. Nothing can beat the charm of wearing your favorite swimwear accessorized with a beach sarong. As you head towards the shore point, carrying a juicy novel in any of […]

Dresses for a quicky

A sundress with nothing underneath. Go for a quirky while she pulled up her dress. With a t-shirt on and no bra. Frequently have sex with her keeping her t-shirt or camisole on, but being fully naked otherwise A long skirt with no panties. Skirt with thong, slide up, and side. In winter keep top […]

Your favorite color tells about your sexuality.

We know how a person’s favorite color can reveal personality traits. What many do not know is that their favorite color can also reveal a lot of one’s sexual preferences. Find out below what your favorite color says about your sexual behavior and learn all about the relationship between color and sexuality. COLORS AND SEXUALITY – WHAT IS THE INFLUENCE? […]

We exchange sexual energy during love making.

You may have noticed that when we have sex with someone, our connection with her becomes much more intense. But why does this happen? Going far beyond the intimacy of naked bodies, it is the sexual energy that makes the bonding so strong during sex. Understand better. The energy exchange between people happens all the time. The touch, the look, the […]

Sex life based on Sun Sign

Fetishist? Contained? Traditional? What’s your profile? See what the stars say about the sex life   of the zodiac signs. ARIES In love, the Aryan is always excited about the game of seduction; He loves emotions with forbidden or unlikely achievements and loves. However, once you have gained your passion, they are very forthright and bold at the H-hour. Don’t worry if he seems […]

How to excite a woman?

How to excite a woman? Stay tuned, of course! Cuddles, touches, kisses are essential for a good part of legs in the air and to reach orgasm. First of all, it allows both partners to relax, to get in the good mood and titillate their libidos. It is not to give all men to know the underbelly of […]

Valentine Week 7-Day Lingerie Challenge

If you’re a busy, on-the-go woman (and I’m pretty sure you are!), you probably know how easy it is to lose track of your libido, forget about your sensual side, and totally deplete all of your sexual energy. It’s as if one day you embraced and enjoyed your sensuality, and the next day you couldn’t even […]


Marriage is a beautiful relation and what it needs are compatibility and trust. There are problems in every marriage and after a point of time, there is some sort of spice that goes missing and it becomes like a forced relationship. So, there is need of some spicing up and fun. So, are you also […]

9 phases of every relationship

1. The big infatuation If a couple has come together completely fresh, it is in the middle of the absolute infatuation phase. Nobody wants to spend even a second without the other and just know everything about the other person. Often you are laughed at in this phase, but you can not do otherwise: chemical reactions bring […]

Reduce Weight : Sleep Naked

Sleeping nude sounds sexy, but in reality you prefer the XL shirt. Although there are so many advantages of sleeping naked. One decreases and wakes up more rested, is the result of a study. All the reasons for sleep without pajamas below.   NAKED SLEEPING MAKES YOU SLIM During sleep, the body shuts down the energy consumption and cools down, […]

food for partner

What do happy couples do differently?

Who does not strive for a happy, fulfilled partnership? We often wonder what’s needed to keep it forever. In addition, some couples seem to have simply cracked the relationship jackpot. They radiate to the bet and act as a unit. What makes these couples so happy? Are they never arguing? But probably these couples argue every now and then. Or get on […]

10 Reason for Sex

Love, lust and passion – sex is one of the most beautiful things in the world. But not only because he is fun and satisfies. But also because he is healthy. Excuses like “honey, I have migraines.” Count now no more. We have ten reasons why you should have more sex. 1. Sex relaxes Stress in the job? Then a […]

Sexy Staycation with honeymoongini box

Love and vacation. They go together. As soon as the days get longer and the rays grow stronger, everyone starts talking about the vacay they’ve planned with their current lover. But jetting off to an exotic locale means itineraries and hotel reservations and airport sprints. If the idea of a lovers’ getaway makes you anxious […]

20 Tip to spice your sex life

1. Pretend you just met him“When our sex life started to slow down, I started thinking about how another woman would see my husband if she just met him – and this made me want to impress him. I did things like buying new lingerie, getting up just a little earlier than usual to join him in […]

10 Tips to keep Sex Alive

If you keep track of your relationship and make a conscious effort to keep things smokin’, you’ll have an advantage. Couples who give weight to their sex lives have better relationships and marriages. There are few guidelines to follow that will help you maintain a HOT AF sex life for the rest of your lives. After all, if […]

Libra, Taurus, Scorpio and Capricorn are best in Sex

Taurus – the animal in bed He is considered the best lover under the zodiac sign: the bull. Anyone lucky enough to have a bull by their side can rest assured that sex life never gets boring. The bull is affectionate during the sex and costs the lovemaking up to the last minute. In this zodiac, a quickie […]

Know your Sexual Limits

Find your sexual limits with a checklist Working your way through a checklist may sound like the least erotic activity you could possibly do to understand your sexual limits. But it gives you objective look at what you’re both comfortable and uncomfortable when it comes to sex. Review the following items and mark each one […]

Our generation has forgotten how to truly love.

Times change, and we are the product of our era. For example, our parents got married earlier than us. Their wedding vows already sounded, as soon as they were eighteen, and they sincerely loved each other at that moment. And at twenty-one they appeared we. But in other matters we are more progressive. But is […]

Questions that girls are embarrassed – 10th is the best.

1. Why are guys so passionate about boobs? “It’s just that we don’t have them, so our brain tells us to.” 2. What do guys think about girls selfie on Instagram? “Until it became a craze, we thought that spontaneous selfies are normal. It’s just a ploy to attract sympathy and that’s good. ” 3. […]

Pleasant things for women-Men Pro-Tips.

These pleasant little things make a woman believe that she is the only, special, beloved. These pleasant little things in the eyes of a woman – evidence that the man chose it for her. These nice little things are very important for all women. Men guess this, most of them know about it for sure, […]

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